Thinking Outside the Box with Math

Presenter: Kim Marone

We know what rigor is not, but what is rigor?

With a partner write a definition of what rigor is. What does rigor look like in the math classroom?

Be prepared to share your definition with the group.

Caine's Arcade 2: From a Movie to a Movement
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Let's take a wild ride on a R.A.F.T.

Why use it?

  • Encourages higher level thinking by making connections beyond the surface level
  • Allows for student choice
  • Enhances students' understanding of different points of view

R - Role

A - Audience

F - Format

T - Topic


1 -----> Southerner-------> Northerner -----> * Choose one ----> Why are we so different?

2 -----> Slave in the south----> Cousin in the north----> *---> My life during the Civil War

3 -----> Northerner----------> Southerner--------------> * ------------------> Convince the

south that your ways are best!

* Choose one

write a letter, create a poster, write a diary entry, write a speech, write a thank you note, create a brochure, create a news story, give a telephone dialogue, write a poem, give an undercover report, prepare a public service announcement, create a postcard


Working together with a partner create a RAFT for your students to use during math. Be prepared to share!

Great Teamwork Video - Very Fun to Watch

And the Big Bad Wolf Huffed and he Puffed and he...........

Learned a new strategy that was more effective!
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Thank you! Please let me know if you have any questions! Good luck on your journey thinking outside the box!