Faithful Foundations Preschool

September Newsletter

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We are excited to welcome the very first class of students to Faithful Foundations Preschool. This year is going to be a fun and exciting time for your child! In the classroom, we will work on many different skills to prepare your child for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten. We are sure you will see enormous growth in your child's skills and abilities by the end of the year.

Your child's time in the classroom will be spent not only on learning the basics (shapes, colors, numbers, and letters) but also on their social-emotional development, personal care routines, and topics of various themes throughout the year. (Not to mention TONS of fun)

The structured nature of our classroom and school will help your child as they prepare for their educational journey. As educators, we are committed to meeting your child where they are at and look forward to seeing growth in every student.


Does your child have a birthday in September?

You are welcome to celebrate your child's birthday with his/her class. Please use the following guidelines for bringing treats for your child's birthday:

  • Talk to your child's teacher to arrange a day that works for them
  • All treats must be store purchased (cupcakes/cookies)
  • No nut based products

Immunization Forms due by October 1

During open house, you were sent home with an immunization form. This is the official form from the State that must be filled out and returned prior to October 1, 2022. If you sent one electronically early on in the registration process, the county is requiring us to use the physical form from the State that you fill out. Please fill that out and send that to school before 10/1.

MON/WED Students: 9/28

TUE/THU Students: 9/29

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What are we working on in September?

1st Year Students:

Letters: A, B, C

Numbers: 1, 2, 3

Theme: Colors & Shapes

2nd Year Students:

Letters: A, B, C

Numbers 1, 2, 3

Theme: 5 vowels & letter placement


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Faithful Foundations Preschool has partnered with Mt. Hood Roasters in Rhododendron for our one and only planned fundraiser for the year. We will be sending out additional information in the next week with more details. We plan to use the funds we raise for playground equipment for your kids.

Optional Friday Classes:

Our theme for September is "Learning The 5 Senses"

  • Students will learn the 5 different senses using their 5 senses
  • Weekly letter review for reinforced learning
  • Fun Activities

Friday Classes are still available. If you are interested, please talk to Mrs. Stephanie. Cost is $50.00/mo

Parents' night out

Friday, Sep. 23rd, 6-10pm

29275 Southeast Eagle Creek Road

Estacada, OR

Need a break? We will be hosting a monthly parent's night out. You do not need to have an enrolled child to take advantage of parent's night out. (let your friends know) Drop your kids off (ages 3-12) for up to 4 hours so they can play, do activities and crafts, and have fun with friends. Faithful Foundations Preschool will provide a kid friendly dinner and snacks for your children. Children must be potty trained. RSVP below, or by signing up on the sheet at the school.


First Child: $30

Additional Children: $15 ea

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Looking for a church home?

CVBC would like to invite you. Services are held Sunday at 10:00am.