The 1960's played a significant role in the development of Canada. Many important events occurred during this time period which contributed to making Canada what it is today. During the 1960's, Canada responded to the challenging demands of a developing nation and established an idea of values that Canadians appreciate today. These important events increased freedoms, enhanced infrastructure and economic development, and helped people secure their future had paved the way for prosperity in Canada that we are fortunate to experience today. Specifically, the creation of the Canadian Pension Plan in 1966, and the opening of the Trans-Canada Highway paved the way for economic prosperity and Canadian security. The unification of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in 1967 increased freedoms for all Canadians. Finally, The Official Language Act that made French and English the official languages of Canada and, the World Expo in Montreal allowed for a better social atmosphere in Canada. Through the passing of progressive legislation, and the development of nation-wide infrastructure and security forces, a "Just, Safe, and Free Society" was born and paved the way for Canada to prosper and flourish.
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