how to remove duplicates in itunes

remove duplicates in itunes

how to delete itunes songs

Which can be a beast, managing your files. Our continuing series that will help you manage, organize and use your music library. Today, we can help you find and delete duplicate iTunes using the built-in tools and third-party applications. As in previous versions of iTunes 11 feature that allows you to search for duplicates. Moreover, it is not very clean function, which determines the "exact duplicates".

For example, using the default options to find duplicates in my iTunes library to find Iron Maiden 2 Minutes to Midnight, six times as they say. It sets out a copy of the name. This again when using this report, it is radically different versions, different concert number. If I start deleting objects iTunes statements I just picked them up from some of the great versions of the songs.

When you are in this mode you will see at the bottom that lets you know that a copy of the current issue of a button, allowing you to return to the Show. This can be time consuming if you want to get rid of duplicates, but if you can find the exact duplicates. If we repeat the process, however, some hold the Option key (Shift key PC), access the View menu, reveal an option to show exact duplicates. This will result in a much shorter list.