Web Browsers

This is all about web browsers and web designing software.

Web Browser Software

This is software that allows you to connect to the internet, Google chrome is an example of a web browser. Favorites and bookmarking is a storage area where you can save URL's of a web address allowing you to return to that site when you want to without having to remember it. E-mail are a way of using web browsers to communicate between people from a distance like post but only very fast and doesn't cost to send a message. Search bars that are in web browsers allow you to find sites and email using key words. Reply is another feature of emails allowing to respond to an email by just clicking a button and it quickly inputs the address for you.

More into Emails

Forwarding allows the user to send an email that was sent to them to another person without having to copy all of the text and data that is in the original email. Address book allows the user to save peoples email address allowing them to send emails quickly without having to remember and write in the address every time they want to send an email to that person also it allows to search through all your contacts just by typing in a few characters and the email software will look through your address book and find email addresses that are what you typed into the search bar. File attachments are one of the best parts of email facilities, it allows you to send documents that you have made or have saved onto your computer system to another person allowing them to see and save the document to their computer system.

Website design Software

In order to develop a website you will first need to design it and there are many applications for doing this. To design a more specialist websites you may need a more professional designer like adobe Dreamweaver but you will still need other software like word-processor, photo/image editing software and a browser software.

Features of websites

Simple websites can be created in word or even publisher, but for a more professional look you may want to chose an actual website designing software. Some features of using a website designing software over word or something simple; Ability to add and format text, adding tables to help layout text and images, adding hyperlinks to other websites and webpages and the ability to preview the website in different browsers for testing.