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How does playing soccer affect your strength?

Team Player

Playing soccer can have a positive effect on people’s lives. It might help you by improving player’s strength. Also it might help someone mentally by making them think more. Additionally it will help people work better as a team.

Good effect on your life

Soccer is a fun sport played by most people and gets players can have a better life. Soccer can affect your cardio your leg strength it also improves the players ability to move oxygen to your muscles. Well the number one rule of soccer is players can’t touch the ball with their hands unless there is a throw in or the goalie gets the ball. The strikers are the goal scorers most of the time they are forward to the other team’s goalie.

Team Work

Soccer is a sport that relies on teamwork. And being able to work with others helps people with their day to day life. If people where nicer to their coworkers they will get stuff done as a team. As a soccer team people learn to work together. This will help people work better in groups.

Soccer can affect player’s endurance or how long players can run before players tire out. Soccer is a back and forth game going down and up multiple times. So the game of soccer can be very tiring. Soccer has two 30 minutes periods which seem like 10 minutes when you’re in the game. But all in all soccer is a very fun sport.