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Fun & Training, G & T, Hamptons & Much More! Limited Space

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A Different Type of (Chess) Camp!

Dear Chess Friends,

Already hundred's of campers across 5 locations, Chess NYC Camps 2016 are in full swing! All the boards are ROCKING @ Uptown, Downtown, Brooklyn & Hamptons locations!

We can't wait to welcome new players of all levels...All Summer Long.

For now...Drop in's are welcome too!

But bring a change of clothes and a towel cause, while we play and work on a whole lotta Chess (3 hrs for Fun & Training, 5 + for G & T)...The day is full of much more than that :)

More than a game, the culture rings through everyday! (See Full Camp Locations Below)

What Happens @ Chess NYC Summer Camps!

So let's take a moment and explain a day of Chess NYC Fun & Training Camp for you. While 3 hours of Chess activities are threaded through each full 8 hour day for every Camper, led by Chess NYC's Championship Coaching Staff, that's just the beginning of these great Fun & Training Camps! Outdoor fun, water play and other activities thrill (coax where necessary) and prepare attendees for the next upcoming Chess activities. (read more)

We'll say it again, for us, "it's more than a game, it's out culture!"

What Parents Are Saying!

"Our child did a one week camp session and he went from having only a basic knowledge of the pieces to playing competitively with family members. I see his self confidence growing in his own intelligence with his increased mastery of chess. He loved every day at camp and is asking to go back. The most dramatic result is that our child is asking to play a game of chess instead of the usual video games! We are very appreciative."

- Uptown Camp Mom

Private Summer Coaching

Chess NYC offers a unique brand of quality of Chess Instruction for all levels, beginners to advanced. Tried, true and tested teaching methods by handpicked and trained Team members with a commitment to excellence, ensures every student receives appropriate instruction based on their individual needs.

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We are Chess NYC

"More than a game, it's our culture"