Chinese air pollution

By Gabrielle Metua

What is air pollution

Gases or particles released into the atmosphere faster than the environment can absorb or dillute is called air pollution. Air pollutions harmful chemicals consist of sulfur which creates the horrid smell, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. Fossil fuels, fuel oil, gasoline and natural gases are released directly into the air adding to the issue increases in China.

Everything comes at an expense

According to the World Bank in cooperation with the Chinese State Environmental Protection Administration, the precursor to the Ministry of Environmental Protection in 2007 there was an estimate of 656,000 premature deaths each year related to Outdoor Air Pollution
WHO calls air pollution in Chinese cities a crisis
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How bad it gets

-many premature births.

-Low birth weights.

-bad lung functioning in otherwise healthy people.

- Growing lung cancer.

-deaths related to diseases caught due to the air has increased by 18.5 percent -linked to respitory failures.

-estimated that 26 percent of all deaths in China are caused by respitory failures in comparison to 2-3 percent in the U.S.

-Hacking cough is also an issue in China.

-Respitory diseases is the killer in rural areas in China


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Actions China could do to reduce the pollution

Carpool, public transport, biking or walking can be used to reduce air pollution because by doing that it reduces the use of gasoline out bursts.

Household cleaners, workshop chemicals and solvents, and grden chemicals violate organic compounds from polluting the air thus making it hard to breathe but this can be stopped by simply sealing lids or container tops tightly

Choose environmentally friendly substances

Avoid using too many appliances that let of dangerous chemicals because although you might think you could have cleaned them up it doesn't take long for the air to absorb it

Use products made close to your area or your country at least to prevent the pollution during the exportation of goods.

Natural and Human causes affecting the rate of Air Pollution

  • Agricultural activities- Ammonia is a very common product from agricultural activities.
  • factory farming industries- Some farming industries give off an abundance of pollution due to all of the machinery
  • mining operations- A lot of coal is released through the ground during mining operations and coal is a very large factor in air pollution adding to the cause quite severely.
  • burning of fossil fuels- Burning fossil fuels is a horrible thing humans due that impact the quality of air majorly
  • acid rain