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Halal Butchers – in Demand Than Ever!

There is a growing demand for halal butchers in UK because of the growing demand for authentic halal meat. As per a survey, Halal Butchers are said to be a major source of quality halal meat. These butchers are generally people who are into the family business of halal meat or have worked under some meat shop or farm owner and trained for a while before trying their own.
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Halal Butchers London – A Short Review

Butchers in UK – Generally, butchers in UK are not any qualified people, but are the ones who get on spot training due to their family slaughtering business or they are trained at the place of work in some other slaughter house. A survey says that the best meat available in UK, or say the freshest meat available in UK is from the butchers only.

Halal food Authority – There are a few butchers who have certification from the Halal food authority. This certification confirms the authenticity of Halal and hence these butchers get good business because the people think these butchers to be reliable ones and buy meat from them. Though, this certificate is not easy to acquire as it costs a lot. Also, the rules and regulations of the Halal food Authority of India are very stringent. The halal butchers london procedure is a definite procedure which has to be performed properly. Halal requires the butcher to be a muslim and before intiating the halal procedure, he has to take the name of his lord Allah. The procedure involves slitting the throat of the animal and allowing the complete blood from its body to drain out. Care has to be taken that the spine of the animal is not damaged. Then follows the chopping of the animal and then it is packaged and sold. This is the procedure which is mentioned in the muslim sharia and has to be performed by every butcher. The Halal food authority cancels the certifications of those butchers who do not follow the halal procedure accurately.