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Please check out this video DOXIES FOR BEGINNERS

Do you own a Doxie?

Lots of people have dogs. But not all have Doxies. Doxies are very unique. Some people are just very lucky to have them :p. But it gets more unique than just a Doxie. There are miniatures. short haired, long haired, wire haired, and tons of different colors explained in the video above... or you can click there>>> It is a lot to think about... Which leads us into our next topic:

When it comes to picking out a Doxie...

Do you want something that stays smaller? Something original? Rare? Fluffy? Specific color? Male? Female? All of those are qualities of different kind of Doxies. Most of those things are addressed in the video at the top of the page, But it is very fun to pick them out. Looking at different fur color and style is the main look of your Doxie.

What are Doxies like?

Doxies have lots of qualities and they vary between each dog. Just because this is what Doxies tend to be like dosent mean that it is what your Doxie is gonna be like. Every dog is different. But anyways here are some Doxie behavior traits:

  • they love to cuddle
  • they have a hunting history which is addressed more farther down the page
  • love to play games
  • good sense of humor
  • loyal
  • not to found of strangers
  • keen watch dog
  • lives long live (usually)
  • good with other home pets especially dachshunds
BUT the kind of coats (long, wire, short) All have different personality which also can vary.

Wire haired personality....

  • Wirehaired Dachshunds tend to be the most energetic, the most mischievous, and the most obstinate (probably stemming from their strong terrier heritage)

Long haired personality...

  • Longhaired Dachshunds tend to be the quietest and sweetest-natured (probably stemming from their spaniel heritage)

Short haired personality...

Smooth Dachshunds are most apt to attach themselves to one person and are often more aloof with


Hilarious Dachshund on holiday


The Dachshund Song

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