By:Lena Cox

How earthquakes are formed

Earthquakes are formed when two tectonic plates scrape ,bump,or drag along another Tectonic plate.Tectonic plates are two giant slabs of rocks and that's a lager part of the earths crust. When the tectonic plates move or push that causes the earth crust to move up on land or water.And here is a picture of two tectonic plates moveing.

Where Earthquakes happen

Earthquakes happen on a fault line.When a fault line cracks that's what starts the earthquakes. Earthquakes are always formed by the earths crust. Most of the deadliest earthquakes happen in Alaska,California and China.In 1964,a magnitude of a 9.2 earthquake hit Alaska so strongly the it caused the boats to sink to Lonisiana.

Damages that earthquakes cause

Earthquakes can cause some of the most severe damages in the world.In the pictures above they are showing damages that happened in Santa Rosa.The earthquakes caused many people to lose homes family and each another.Reconstruction was also important after earthquakes it will take a long time you better get started on it fast.

How to measure earthquakes.

How do people measure earthquakes?People measure earthquakes with a Richter scale that measures the how strong or weak a earthquake is.Seismology are people who study earthquakes so I think they are the people who measure the earthquakes.A Richter scale goes up to 1.0-9.5 is the highest that it has get up to so far.

How to reduce the impact on humans.

There are lots of ways to be safe in a earthquake.One way is always have a first aid kit so you can get it very fast and go.You should always have a sturdy thing to hold on or go under because if something falls you will be safe so you do not get hit.