George Stephenson


biography about George Stephenson

Goerge stephenson was born june 9th 1781. stephenson was born in the coal mining village of Waylam, England. Stephenson's father Robert was a poor, hard workingman. stephensons first job was to watch over cows owned by neighbors who feed along the road. george was paid 2 cents a day to keep the cows out the way of the coal wagon, george's next job was at the mines as a picker, his duty was to clean the coal of stone, like slate and other impurities. George worked at several coal mines as a plug man, fire man, brake man and engineer. George loved to mess with any engine or coal mining equipment. he became skilled at adjusting and repairing equipment.

my George Stephenson prodject

george stephenson's first locomotive

in 1813, George at the age of twenty he started to design his first locomotive for the coal mines every part made was hand made or hammered into shape like a horse shoe.

First public railway

George Stephenson build the world's first public railways. the Stockton and Darlington railway in 1825 and the Liverpool-Manchester railway in 1830 were the rail roads that Stephenson built. Stephenson was the chief engineer for several of the railways that he designed and built.