PAP Chemistry Weekly Newsletter

Week of October 17

Schedule for the Week

Monday - Noble Gas Configuration and Quantum Numbers HW - Complete WS

Tuesday - Open Notes Quiz then Exceptions to Electron Configuarion HW - Pre-lab for Flame Test Lab

Wednesday - PSAT short schedule - Spectrum Tubes HW - prelab

Thursday -LAB - Flame Test Lab HW- complete post lab LRA is Tuesday

Friday - Draw for project molecules and Mole Day Celebration HW- LRA is Tuesday

Wednesday October 19th is PSAT for Sophomore and Juniors (school begins at 8 am)

Friday October 21st is our Mole Day Celebration (students may bring a snack to share)

Weekly Tutorials are Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 7:30 am

I am available at other days students just need to check with me.