11th Grade Newsletter

OVHS Counseling Department: October 2020

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CLASS OF 2022!!! Our first six weeks of school are done and progress report grades have been submitted. Please make sure you are working on keeping your grades at a C or better as you move forward. Remember that every class counts, you "must" have a passing grade to earn credits. If at the end of 10th grade you have less than 105 credits you will be sent to VVHS your 11th grade year. This is your one stop for updated Junior Information. We will continue to update this Newsletter throughout the year.

It is very important that you check your VVUSD email and Google Classrooms Daily to stay informed!

Plan Your Career Path

Remember, “plans” are meant to change, and that’s okay! Everyone’s career path is different, and there is no “right” way to start a career, but it is important to be prepared for whatever comes your way. A certain career path is not something you have to do forever. If at some point you realize, ‘I don’t want to do this,’ back up and ask yourself the same questions again: ‘What am I good at? What do I like to do?’ Also ask yourself, 'what do I want to do, where I can be a change in this world?' Whatever it is, do it with all your might. Remember to have the confidence to work toward your ideal career, even if it seems out of reach. It’s important to put a plan together and follow through, even if others do not agree, or tell you something way out of your reach. Please take a look at the document below for some career planning tips. Included are links to websites and documents which will help you prepare for future career pathways.

10 Things Juniors Need To Do Now For College

It might feel like there’s plenty of time before you need to start worrying about college. Unfortunately, that’s just not true. Junior year is the perfect and most important time to start prepping and planning for college application success. Here are 10 things you should be doing now.

  1. Collect free SAT/ACT study guides. Ask around for hand-me-downs, they will be very useful. There are plenty of useful online tools.
  2. Get an appropriate email address. Ex.) ssaludes0329@gmail.com. You don't want to provide an inappropriate email address, it’s not a good look. Get in the habit of checking it regularly.
  3. Take the tough classes. Challenge yourself both inside and out of the classroom. Admissions offices are looking to see that you took rigorous classes, even if you didn’t ace them all. They also want to see that you can balance your time with some activities outside of class. Whether it’s sports, work, or taking care of family, it’s all important to mention.
  4. Visit colleges, even if they're not your top choice. Visiting campus, in person or virtually, will help you realize what you’re looking for. Exploration is a major part in finding your best fit school.
  5. Become familiar with FAFSA. Memorize what the FAFSA stands for and put the due date on your calendar. Start researching and gathering all the information you need to apply for financial aid.
  6. Ask seniors about EVERYTHING!! Play interviewer and ask your friends in the senior class what advice they would give on the college process. Ask what they would do differently. Ask what challenges they faced, and ask about some things they enjoyed.
  7. Build up your resume and your brag sheet. Jot down your extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and any other experience you may have had. If you can’t think of anything, start doing something NOW! These will also help your selected recommenders write your letters of recommendation.
  8. Practice personal essays. Take a look at the UC personal insight questions and start to think about which 4 you connect with best. Then start working on them. Share it with teachers and friends, and get insight so you can have a beautifully finished product by the time applications are due. You will be able to conquer any other essays that come your way.
  9. Pick your standardized test dates. Although everything is currently up in the air about standardized tests, and more schools are becoming test optional, its still a good idea to prepare. Once test dates open up again, pick your dates for SAT and ACT. You don’t want test dates to sneak up on you, so put them on the calendar ahead of time.
  10. Go to every college event you can. It is now easier more than ever to attend campus tours and college fairs. You can do it while in your pj's and fuzzy slippers, so sign up for as many as you can, and ask as many questions as possible; these events can help you figure out your best fit colleges.

Save the Dates: Upcoming College Kickoff Events

Participate and become more aware! Get the "how to" in advance as practice makes perfect!

October 7th: Creating your College List, Junior Advisory Classes

October 13th-16th: College Kick Off Spirit Week

October 13th: Hats Off to Graduation, Ball Cap Day

October 14th: Wear All Pink, Breast Cancer Awareness

October 15th: Roommate/Squad Day

October 16th: College Shirt Day, #FutureReadyFriday

Don't forget to participate in the Bitmoji College Room Contest, Live at 5 Bingo, and Google Classroom College Trivia for your chance to win prizes all next week! See the College Kickoff Newsletter.

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Advanced Placement

Taking Advanced Placement courses is a great way to build your strengths and balance. Please refer to the Collegeboard AP Central site for the most up to date information.


Junior Google Classroom

Google Classroom Link

Code: xxhluwp

Make sure you add this Google Classroom Code to stay up to date with important information and dates, office hours, school events, college webinars, and so much more!

Sign up for Credit Recovery

Credit recovery is for any student that earned a D or an F grade during Fall or Spring semester of their 9th grade year. A counselor will be notifying students about credit recovery in the next few weeks via their school email. Make sure to complete and submit the google form, as soon as you receive it. Do not wait, spots are limited. Do not risk being sent to VVHS next school year! A sample of the form is below.

OVHS College and Career Center

Mrs. Romero is our Guidance Tech in the College and Career Center. Mrs. Romero has created a Virtual College and Career Center using Bitmoji. Please check out the College and Career Center and use the icons to find out more about Virtual College Fairs, College Apps, ACT/SAT Tests, Military Recruiters, Trade and Tech Schools, Scholarships, Community Service Opportunities, Work Permits and much more! Use the link below to access the Virtual College and Career Center.


Click HERE to visit her office

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Meet the OV Counselors

Counselor Office Hours

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Social Media:

Twitter: @OrangeVistaHS, @OVHSPrincipal, @OVHS_Guidance, @OrangeVistaASB, @OVHS_ATHLETICS

Instagram: @orangevistaasb

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Please take a moment to browse through these articles to help with stress during this time. If you feel like you are in immediate need or danger, please call 911

OVHS Graduation Requirements

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UC/CSU A-G Requirements

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Community Service

Students of VVUSD must complete 40 hours of Community Service as part of the graduation requirements.

Because of Social Distancing precautions put in place as a response to the COVID 19 Pandemic, we realize that community service opportunities may be limited. We will keep you updated regarding class requirements.

Below is the Community Service Log and a List of Community Service Partners. Please contact potential Community Service Organizations in advance of volunteering to learn about their current availability and precautions during the pandemic.

CA College and Career Readiness Indicator

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California Colleges Guidance Initiative (CCGI)

California Colleges.edu


The platform provides high school students the tools to match their interests and skills to postsecondary college and career opportunities. They can take career assessments and use search tools to develop college, major, and career lists, write goals and journals, track activities, and read a variety of age-appropriate content to develop and expand their knowledge on all college, career, and financial aid planning topics.

OVHS students should start their College Search and College Match process here!

OVHS Students will launch Cal State Apply, CCC Apply, and FAFSA through CCGI.

OV students should use their VVUSD Google Account to log-in to CCGI. We will be using this platform to start all College Apps and the FAFSA/CA Dream Act.

Registering Your Account (Partner Districts)

CA Community Colleges

All students who graduate with a CA High School Diploma are eligible to apply to a CA Community College. Community Colleges offer options for certificates, vocational training, transferrable units to CSU or UC campuses, and 2 year Associate Degrees.

When applying to CA Community Colleges, students should choose to apply for the Summer 2021 Term in order to take advantage of many of the First Year Experience Programs.

Moreno Valley College


Norco College


Riverside City College


Mt. San Jacinto College


Launching Your CCCApply Application (Partner Districts)

UC Personal Insight Questions

Here is a video and a pdf document with the Personal Insight Questions and some helpful hints for addressing the prompts.
How to answer UC's Personal Insight Questions

UC Application Step by Step

Use the video to guide you through launching your UC Application through Californiacolleges.edu. Mrs. Downey, our OVHS AVID Coordinator, also created step by step directions and a video to help guide you through the UC Application process. Remember to have your Counselor check your application before submitting. Once submitted, you will not be able to make changes or corrections to your application.
Launching Your University of California Application (Partner Districts)
Launching Your Cal State Apply Application (Partner Districts)

Private Colleges and Universities

Private Colleges and Universities have varying entrance requirements, use a wide variety of application platforms, and often utilize rolling application deadlines. Please check the individual college websites for application information.

Out of State Colleges and Universities

Out of State Colleges and Universities have varying entrance requirements, use a wide variety of application platforms, and often utilize rolling application deadlines. Please check the individual college websites for application information.

Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)

HBCUs have varying entrance requirements, use a wide variety of application platforms, and often utilize rolling application deadlines. Please check the individual college websites for application information.


Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs)

HSIs have varying entrance requirements, use a wide variety of application platforms, and often utilize rolling application deadlines. Please check the individual college websites for application information.


FAFSA/ CA Dream Act Submission is a Graduation Requirement

We recommend doing the FAFSA early so you can get your award letter back prior to having to decide on a college by May 1st. The dates below are for current seniors, you do not have to submit the FAFSA yet, but is a good idea to know what to expect.

***Please memorize or take a picture of your Social Security Number, as you will need it for your College and Financial Aid Applications***

FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid application must be submitted to receive Federal and State aid. https://fafsa.ed.gov/

FAFSA opens October 1st 2020. The California deadline is March 2nd 2021. The Federal deadline is June 30, 2020.

FSA ID: Federal Student Aid Identification

An FSA ID gives you access to Federal Student Aid’s online systems and can serve as your legal signature. https://fsaid.ed.gov/

· You and your parent will need to create an FSA ID.

· Be sure to record your username and password.

· You will need to renew your FAFSA each year you are in college.

· Your parent will need their FSA ID if you have siblings who will complete the FAFSA.

CA Dream Act Application:

Completion of the California Dream Act Application is required to determine financial aid for California AB540 eligible students. The California Student Aid Commission will process your application.

Launching Your FAFSA or California Dream Act Application (Partner Districts)


Cal-Grant: Offers grants (free money) to eligible students attending qualifying Colleges, Universities or Technical Schools.


GPA verification is submitted by our school Registrar.

College Search Links:

Scholarship Search Links: