The Wolf Howl

Week of 4/29/16

Early Voting Ends next Week

Tuesday, May 3 is the last day for early voting, and I hope that you plan to exercise your constitutional right and make your voice heard. I know I have. Throughout early voting, you may vote at any location in Tarrant County found at; however after early voting ends you may only vote at your designated precinct. It is really easy to vote at the Administration building or at Grapevine Elementary or at the REC! I would encourage you to vote early, as you never know what may come up to disrupt your plans to vote on May 7. The right to vote is one that is a privilege that too many people tend to ignore on a local, state and national level. Please make your voice heard by voting in the 2016 GCISD Bond Election. If you have any questions about the proposal, or for more information, please visit

Staff Appreciation Week

Next week is our STAFF APPRECIATION WEEK! We are excited to celebrate all of you who work so hard every day for the benefit of our Wolves!

On Tuesday, the PTA will host a lunch for us in the Library during your lunch time.

On Thursday, the PTA will host a dessert bar set up in the lounge during your conference time.

We have a few other little surprises and treats in store for you to show you how much we love our WOLVES!

High School Musical this week!

High School Musical, presented by our own Fine Arts department, is this week! I am so excited to see our students as they sing and dance on the stage at GHS. This is a huge amount of time and energy by Shannon Jones, and we appreciate all that she does to make our CTMS musical a standout in GCISD. I hope that you plan on attending the performance on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday evening at 7:00 p.m. at Grapevine High School.

Tobacco Survey

Cross Timbers has the dubious honor of being selected among all the secondary schools in GCISD to give a national survey on student tobacco use. Six fourth period classes were selected randomly to take the survey. I will be contacting those teachers and going over the survey requirements this week, for the survey to be given in May.
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Wolf Howls

Lisa D sends a grateful howl to Brendon L. for have an exemplary Emergency Management Notebook which will serve as the district model! Awesome!

Lisa D. howls for Elizabeth and Barbara for providing intensive remediation for all of our 8th grade math and reading failures!

Oscar howls for Jennifer S. for giving him pain medication for his pain!

Amy D. gives a dancing howl to Renee for all her hard work on Silver dance team tryouts last week!

Amy D. howls for Bridget for creating a beautiful book of 7th graders TX history one pagers from this year. They are so excited to see their work!

Lisa D howls so loudly and so enthusiastically for Kate Burkhart for her "Pamper Party" for our 8th grade girls prior to the banquet. What a great afternoon for them to get ready for a big night!

The whole 8th grade team gives a wolf howl to Barbara and Robin for taking on the daunting task of distributing, collecting, and documenting all of the information for our 8th grade field trip - you are greatly appreciated!

Lisa D. howls for Sherri, Caroline, and Beverly for being on top of Wolf Fest awards this year!

Oscar howls for Alex for always having a cheerful face about the building!

Lisa D. howls for Kate and Rachel for planning Wolf Fest for us!

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Upcoming Events

Friday, 4/29 - Final Club day of the school year

8th grade Banquet - Compass Center

Saturday, 4/30 - Middle School band solo contest at CTMS

Monday - Friday

Staff Appreciation week

Education! Go Get It week!

Monday, May 2 - FPS Parent meeting 6:00 Lecture Hall

Tuesday, May 3 - Algebra EOC

PTA Staff Appreciation Lunch - your lunch time - library

Learning Leader Meeting - 3:40 TAR

One-to-one Parent Information Meeting - 6:00 SAC

Wednesday, May 4 - Biology EOC

Thursday, May 5 - PTA Appreciation Dessert Bar - Lounge

Soccer - Boys and Girls - @CMS

CTMS Musical - 7:00 p.m. GHS

Friday, May 6 - Pep Rally Schedule - Education! Go Get It! Pep rally sponsored by AVID

CTMS Musical - 7:00 p.m. GHS

Saturday May 7 - CTMS Musical - 7:00 p.m. GHS


Thank you so much for the nice birthday wishes and the Kendra Scott gift card!! Wow!