World Language EdCamp

September 2, 2014

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World Language EdCamp

Tuesday, Sep. 2nd, 8am

Clark High School, 4291 Pennwood Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89102

Join us for the World Language EdCamp, an educator-driven day of conversation, collaboration, and personalized professional learning. All CCSD World Language teachers (student teachers and long-term substitutes, as well) are invited to learn and add to the discussion. Everyone participates! This is not a sit-and-get type of event!

We have created an App for this event. You can access it on your mobile device (Android or iOS) by going to the following link:

Wireless internet will be available for your laptop or other wireless devices, so please bring them!

Register on Pathlore by searching for the keyword World Language.

Start thinking about what you would like to learn or possibly lead throughout the day and start adding your ideas here:

This Google Moderator form allows participants to add ideas and to vote on ideas of interest. It will not determine beforehand what topics will be part of the day because those decisions will be made at the start of the event by all participants, but I am hoping that the site will help "get your juices flowing" so you will be ready to add your sticky note to the schedule board.


8:008:50 a.m. General Meeting and Instructions

9:0010:00 a.m. Session I

10:1011:10 a.m. Session II

11:20 a.m.12:20 p.m. Session III

12:301:00 p.m. Closing Session

What is EdCamp?

Ed Camp

Instructional Design and Professional Learning Division

K-12 World Language and Foreign Exchange Office

  • James Yoder, Coordinator
  • Linda Lopez, Secretary
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