The Magical Memo

A Peek at the Week: November 29th-December 3rd, 2021

Volume 1. Issue #15

Principal's Message: The Season of Light

In a blink of an eye we're on the cusp of December. It's hard to believe and a bit exciting. As I revealed in a past MM, I love Fall. The dark days...well that's another story. It's hard to stay focused, fresh, and awake past 8pm when the nights are so dark. I even broke down and bought all new candle lights for my windows. So, even when the northern hemisphere is telling all of us to slow down, be a bit more quiet and introspective, I also feel that it's pushing us to share our own light and brightness.

As we move into the holiday season, focus on your own inner light and beauty. Let it shine... with a smile, a laugh, a hug. We all need each other and it's the love and light that we share that will keep us moving through the winter months.

Please remember that we are a diverse WHES community. Take the time to focus on the many different celebrations of light across the world. Invite your students to share their own experiences and traditions.

Keep on shining!


(I've included some interesting "light" links!)

This Week at WHES-Las Noticias

Student Consult with Jessica Minihan: Tuesday, November 30th. More details will be out tomorrow.

ILT Meeting: Tuesday, November 30th: 2:45-4:15 in the library. Please check our running agenda tomorrow for our work together.

ML Teachers Job-A-Like Meeting: Thursday, December 2nd. They will contact all teachers and students whom they work with.

PTO Gift Wrapping Fundraiser: All orders due on Friday, December 3rd.

Updates and Reminders

Plan Ahead...

Early Release Day and VIRTUAL Parent-Teacher Conferences: December 8th.

Equity Imperative MODULE 2: Keep up with this! We will be debriefing this module at our staff meeting on December 15th.

Absences and Personal Days: Please remember to have a "sub tub" ready for any upcoming absence. Also, we understand that it's hard to balance life and work during the holidays. Please try not to schedule any personal days before or after a weekend. We are down to one building substitute and we will need to use other staff when necessary. Thank you.

Dismissal: We are updating our dismissal procedures as students and staff are moving very efficiently. Please be on the lookout for updated information coming soon.

PLEASE REMIND our STUDENTS...Pokemon Cards: Please take some time during MM to remind students that Pokemon cards are NOT ALLOWED at school. There have been many situations where cards have gone missing. Remind families via PS of this rule.

Staff News and Spotlights