The Journey To Sky Ranch

By: Nicole, Reagan, Phoebe, and Connor

This Is The Journey To Sky Ranch!

- Sky Ranch is a place where you can learn and have fun all at the same time. You can learn many different things at Sky Ranch. Like in Ranch Life you learn how to horseback ride and learn what they did back in the 1800. In Expeditions you learn about how some animals help their ecosystem, catch their prey and some distinctive features of each animal.

The last thing you learn about is the American Indians were you learn about the weapons they used to catch food and get materials. Read the paragraphs to get more information on SKY Ranch.



In forces of nature you learn about different types of energy like, Solar, Wind, Geothermal,

Bio thermal, hydroelectric,and more. You also learn about erosion on Earth can be caused by almost everything around the object that is eroding. Here are some things that cause things to erode , Sand ,Wind ,Water ,Ice ,Plants ,and small organisms like Lichen. Also in Forces of Nature You get to make duck tape rockets and try to accelerate and decelerate a Mr.Potato head on a zip line.

Sky Ranch Ends! :(

Now That You've Learned A Little More About Sky Ranch, You Should Come On Down To Sky Ranch And HAVE FUN DOING WHAT YOU LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)