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Jeffrey Isaacson

He works at Gilbert Junior High School as a science teacher. He started curling in 1996 and started competing professionally in competitions in 2003. Right now he is currently a two-time Olympian. Isaacson is truly unique. He does not compete for the notoriety but really for the love of the sport.

Curling in the Olympics

Curling has been in the Olympics for over the past 80 years and has provided many thrilling battle during this time. It is a shame that it was not fully part of the Olympics though.Curling was not really recognized as an actual sport that received medals until the 2006 Olympics.


USA Curling Schedule and Standings

February 10 - USA(4)Norway(7)-L

February 11 - USA(4)China(9)-L


February 11 - USA(9)/Denmark(5)-W


February 13 - USA(3)/Great Britain(5)-L


February 13 - USA(8)/Germany(5)-W


February 14 - USA(6)/Russia(7)-L

February 15 - USA(6)/Canada(8)-L

February 16 - USA(4)/Sweden(6)-L

February 17 - USA(3)/Switzerland(6)-L

Right to Passage

The USA men's curling team earned their spot to compete at the Sochi Winter Olympics earlier this year. It was a hard fought competition which led to an upset for the Czech Republic.


USA- 8

Czech Republic-5

U.S. Men's Curling Team Sweeping to Sochi

Jeffrey Isaacson's Send-off

Isaacson to Sochi

Faded Glory

In the 2010 Vancouver Olympics the the USA men's curling team lost a hard-fought battle against Denmark. They were leading 1-0 and the Denmark men came back to win in overtime with a score of 7-6. USA is facing Denmark their next match. It will surely be a close one between to equal competitors.

Below is the video of the Vancouver match against Denmark.

Denmark vs USA - Men's Curling - Complete Event - Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games

Down but not out (Denmark vs USA)

The United States have started off the first two games not at their best conditions and standards, but now we see the first victory for our men's curling team today. The US were down 0-3 and came back to win at 9-5. Hopefully this will be the stepping stone for these men. It is great to see this come back against the Denmark men who they lost to last Winter Olympics.



Earlier Defeat

The Vancouver Olympics, the United States lost 4-2 to Great Britain. Obviously these were two great competitors but Great Britain came up on top. Later today they will face and it will surely be close.
Curling Men USA vs GBR Complete Event | Vancouver 2010

Great Britain vs USA

Today,February 13, the US has suffered yet another disappointing loss against Great Britain. The US men's curling team is outstanding but they just did not do there best during this game. After all these men have one other game today. Hopefully they will be triumphant in the next.

"Today we did not play good enough to beat those guys, and the played great," - Jared Zezel

USA vs Russia (Should have Won)

The most exciting game of the year. Russia barely one in this thrilling battle with the United States losing by just one point. The last round was so close that they had to use measuring sticks to determine how close they were. It was a tied score and at the end of the measuring the U.S. got 1 point and Russia has gotten 2.


1 inch!!!

The picture below is the 1 inch victory that Russia had over the US. Russia stones are the red ones and as you can barely see, it is indeed closer. Even though they are not looking solid right now, I guarantee that this was a thrilling match.
Big image

USA vs Switzerland

The United States have lost there last fight against Switzerland. A team they lost by a point against last Olympics in Vancouver, beat them by 3 today. Pretty decent throws were made but Switzerland just ended up on top.

END (2-7)

They men's Olympic curling team did not do to the best of their ability this year as we all seen, but they have the potential to win with hard work and determination in 2018. It is not sure if this group is staying together though. There was already talk of disbanding this Olympics but they decided to stay together if they do better this year. Last Olympics in Vancouver they did not win a single match and now they have won 2. It is sure that these men have improved and put in hard work. It sure is hard for Jeffrey Isaacson to concentrate on just curling when he has 150 students he teaches but for someone with a full pate it was amazing and we can all just hope that this team stays together.