My Dream House

Phoebe Lease

There are lots of different places I would like to live and different homes I would like to live in. Some of these would be a log cabin, a small beach house, an adobe in the west, or a small, colorful house on a hill. I chose a house in Greece for this project. Some of the features I would like in my dream house include...

  • A great view, and a path to walk down to the water on
  • Safety (If built correctly, this house would be safe because it is high enough from the water to not be in danger of a tsunami or other storm)
  • Skylights: not only are they green, they give you the privacy that windows do not.
  • Decorations: I love mosaics and any sort of personalization in a house.
  • I would like a small area for gardening and growing my own produce.
  • I would like a room for exercising, where I could keep a treadmill, elliptical, or other exercise equipment.