Culture Project

The Adkins Family


Every year we go to our family friend's cabin who we consider our second family. We go boating, fishing, jet ski, and tubing. We stay up late while enjoying bon fires and eating smores.. It's a tradition because we all get to hang out and have a good time.

When we celebrate Christmas, every year we bake cookies and make gingerbread men while listening to Christmas music. As we all sing along to our favorite songs, even my dad will participate and we all have to close our ears because he sings off key. We hang our stockings while we enjoy a toasty fire. After we are all warm, we go to Candy Cane Lane and look at all the Christmas lights and decorations. Then we go to our grandmas house where all of our aunts, uncles and cousins visit. We watch a Christmas Carol and open presents. We go home after midnight and go to sleep so we can open up presents in the morning.

For Easter our tradition is to go to our grandma's house and she has lasagna and garlic bread along with salad and cheesecake. We wait until Thanksgiving to have ham and turkey.


One value we have is honesty. Honesty is a very good thing because if you lie then you will just get yourself into trouble. Another value is to do the best that you can and never give up. My parents encourage us to try new things.We also value loving each other and getting good grades.


I don't really have a religion but on occasions I will go to church with my grandma.


I used to play percussion and the violin a long time ago and my sister plays the trumpet right now. Also my sister likes playing the trumpet and I think she will be playing it for a very long time. Also my grandpa plays the accordion, but i don't know how long he has been playing it.


Our family has many many things that we do together that is a lot of fun. We go to a lot of different water parks, go boating, and motercycle riding. Everytime my mom gets off of work we try to do something fun because she has been working a lot lately. We like to go on vacations. I have been to many different places like California and Mexico, Florida and many other places. We usually take cruises or drive on vacations.