$atire Box

I Don't know what Satire is, but I Am Definitely unsure.

What is Satire?

Satire is the usage of specific techniques to do a multiplicity of things, which are, but not limited to irony, paradox, and reversal. Satire is used to poke fun at things, or to reveal things in a new light.

In that picture of me, you can see that my physical features have been altered to make me look like I have an odd change that makes me seem un-human. Which is a use of satire to make me look humorous, and perhaps not as scary as I know everybody thinks I am!


Satire in The Office

The Office is a show filled with a lot of Satire,

an example is this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgh5sNoC4_w, which shows many jokes made by Dwight,