By: Jazz Baird

Background information

  • Incorporated on April 4th, 1975
  • Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen
  • Current CEO is Satya Nadella
  • Microsoft has many subsidiaries in the U.S. , Ireland, Singapore, Puerto Rico, ect.
  • It competes in the Business software and services industry
  • Microsoft's main competitors are Apple, Google, IBM, and Oracle
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Factors of Production

  • Microsoft has about 122,935 employees
  • Its net worth is about 22.07 Billion
  • The chart above shows how Microsoft's stock has been doing the past 5 years
  • They have been jumping around from bad to good

Stock information

  • MIcrosofts symbol-MSFT
  • Trades on the NASDAQ
  • Microsoft pays a quarterly dividend of $0.31 per share
  • Microsoft shares have split in 10 billion shares

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New releases

  • According to USA news today article, Microsoft is releasing Windows 10 this summer
  • According to another USA news today article, Microsoft is scrapping its old Internet Explorer browser and CEO is Satya Nadella is determined to remake the aging technology
  • These articles make Microsoft look good obviously, but there are different ones out there that make them look bad


  • I think i would still purchase this stock, because its a growing company and its technology is always going to be advancing no matter what
  • So far I have lost $994.63
  • Don't sell your stock if its not doing to bad, give it chance because it could sky rocket