Passion Days 3.0: Summer is Coming

Here's a selection of 2019 Passion day offerings

Thursday, June 13

Clash of the Cardinals

Equipment: Tennis Balls, Giant Slingshots, Field Hoop Targets Game Play : 1) First team launches 5 tennis balls from their main target toward the target on the opponent’s side of the field. 2) Points are scored for any balls that stop INSIDE of a target. Point scoring ball remains in target and is NOT shot again. 3) After one team launches all balls, the other team launches remaining balls from where they lie. Team may move 1(one) ball 10 giant steps from location before shooting during each round. 4) Game continues until all balls are in targets or a team reaches a score of 3. 5) Targets are moved each game.

Sign-up and meet: L40

Teacher: Justin Shay

History of Science

Come join this seminar and discuss the evolution of science focusing on astronomy, from the time of Ptolemy to Issac Newton. Students are encouraged to bring any books that they know of or have read on this topic.

Sign-up and meet: 216

Teacher: Peter Brock

Drive-in Movie

Some of us remember going to the drive-in as a child to see summer movies. Let’s watch a classic movie and have some snacks to celebrate the end of a successful school year.

Sign-up and meet: 243

Teachers: Greg Bazzinotti

Video Games with Mrs. R and Mr. T (N64 and before)

Ms. Rochette and Mr. T will host a classic gaming tournament in Mr. T's classroom. Games will include Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing, Tetris, and Smash Bros.

Sign-up and meet: video room

Teachers: Jennifer Rochette and Tommy Whalen

Dance Day!

Join Mr. Jeronimo and Mrs. Crosson in the auditorium for a technique based jazz class. Starting with core and across-the-floors and ending with a big dance combination is a perfect way to end your 2018-2019 school year.

Sign-up and meet: auditorium

Teachers: Neil Jeronimo and Melissa Crosson


Quilling involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. Students will have the opportunity to create a small design or card using this technique. Paper, glue, and tools are provided.

Sign-up and meet: 208

Teacher: Kathleen Golden-Bernier

Madden Tourney

Xbox 2019 Madden Tourney

Sign-up and meet: cafeteria

Teachers: Anthony Palladino and Jason Azulay

Math Team Favorites

Come join Mrs. Crosson and the math team as they enjoy a full day of their favorite activities. Problems, puzzles and more!

Sign-up and meet:241

Teacher: Melissa Crosson

Cornhole Tournament

Students will pick a partner and compete in a double elimination cornhole tournament. Each round will be a best of three. BOTH team members MUST be present to sign up. Come join Mr. Kenyon and Mr. Chy play cornhole!

Sign-up and meet: 246

Teachers: Chris Kenyon and Il Chy


Physical Education game that will be played with teams in a tournament format. This will be competitive and fun with other Boccer type contests. Awards will be given and water will be available.

Sign-up and meet: gym

Teachers: Michaela Goncalves and Richard Fesik

The More You Grow

We’ll be watching documentaries about plant consciousness and communication, as well as the severe impact of plants on the development of society. Some titles include: The Secret Life of Plants The Language of Plants Microcosmos Botany of Desire There will also be chess boards for the option of playing chess while learning about the wild and wonderful world of botany.

Sign-up and meet: 231

Teacher: Taylor Butts

Board Games -n- Breakfast

Pancakes or Malassadas will be served before a relaxing morning of board gaming.

Sign-up and meet: 255

Teachers: Carmelia Silva and Catia Pereira

Axis and Allies

Come play a World War II-themed strategy game

Sign-up and meet: 248

Sponsor Teachers: Adam Palmisciano and Frank Murphy

Strategy Games

Come participatein some strategy games like Sequence or Taboo.

Sign-up and meet: nurse's offcie

Teacher: Joanna Pettey

A Quiet Place

For students who would prefer a quiet place to sit and reflect, read a book, play a game, or listen to music.

Sign-up and meet: Guidance

Teachers: Karen Fisher and Erin Nientimp


There’s a time and place to battle rap, not during passing time in the bathroom. Here is an open mic event, embracing presenters of creative and original work. Inappropriate language and content will not be tolerated.

Sign-up and meet: 200

Teacher: Dustin DaPonte


Here's an opportunity to play tennis in either singles or doubles formats.

Sign-up and meet: 100

Teacher: Jeffrey Hetu

*** permission slip needed


After hiking to the junior high, we will fish along the Swansea Dam. Bring your own poles!

Sign-up and meet: 223

Teachers: Stanley Koss and Andrew Crisafulli

*** permission slip needed

Credit Recovery

Students who need some concentrated time to finish course requirements may sign up for this session.

Sign-up and meet: 245

Teacher: Chris Fennelly

Super Bowl XXXVIII: Patriots vs. The Panthers

Come watch New England's second Super Bowl championship, and second in three years, when they defeat the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 38. Feel free to bring food and drink to enjoy this NFL classic.

Sign-up and meet: 242

Teacher: Jason Coulombe

Classic Board Games

Come play some classic games like Monopoly, Life , Yahtzee and Clue.

Sign-up and meet: 236

Teacher: Deb Pimento

The Missing Piece

The missing piece: complete a puzzle...with a twist! Every puzzle has a missing piece, right? Puzzles and other materials provided.

Sign-up and meet: 108

Teacher: Rebecca Hall and David Trudeau

Brunch with The Great Gatsby

Students will watch The Great Gatsby directed by Baz Luhrmann and enjoy a brunch spread.

Sign-up and meet: 237

Teacher: Bethanne Botelho

For the Love of Reading

Come preview the summer reading selections and enjoy a quiet reading space.

Sign-up and meet: 234

Sponsor teacher: Kendra Brooks

Auto Detailing: Interior

Come learn the ins and outs of basic care exterior and interior maintenance. From washing and waxing to cleaning the interior of your car or helping a friend clean theirs. Day two will focus on interior maintenance. A car is a big investment, learn how to take care of it! All auto detailing supplies will be provided.

Sign-up and meet: 102

Teacher: David Farrell

Classic Card Games

An introduction to classic partner and group card games like Rummy, Cribbage, Pitch, Spite and Malice, Spades, and other Hoyle card games that can be played with a partner or small group of friends.

Sign-up and meet: 104

Teachers: Janet Blair and Amy Hubbard

Disney-Themed Activities

This includes a variety of Disney-themed activities such as coloring, a movie, crafts, videos about rides, games, and special treats. We can also provide information about planning a Disney vacation.

Sign-up and meet: 110

Teacher: Heather St.Yves and David Singletary

Pre-School Cleanup

Organizing and Cleaning of preschool area. Games, puzzles, books etc. need to be organized and stored. Toys, chairs, table tops, etc. need to be sterilized. Will be using bleach and water for sanitizing items.

Sign-up and meet: 212

Teacher: Pam Alexander

Contemporary Adaptations of the Classics

Join us for film adaptations of classic literature. BYOTea and scones, and learn to love the Janes (Austen and Eyre, of course). End the year with a relaxing day of drama - a welcome break from social media drama!

Sign-up and meet: 238

Teacher: Jillian Breese and April Hanks Clark

Photos of Interesting Places I've Been

Here's an opportunity for a travelogue of images and experiences of interesting places visited (mostly in Europe, but some in Japan).

Sign-up and meet: 220

Teacher: David Pasquariello

Whiffle Ball

Spend the warm weather outside playing some Whiffle Ball with Mr. Brown. A bunch of regular team games, plus homerun derbies, ground ball and pop fly competitions, and more.... If it rains, we'll go inside and play some ping pong.

Sign-up and meet: 250

Teacher: Joel Brown

Humanity thru DNA

This will be a one-day project: Part 1: Humanity: The History, Present and the Future of Our DNA!! through video and discussion of the biochemical molecule that makes us us! Part 2: participants will isolate DNA from a number of living organisms & conclude with the isolation and collection of their very own DNA which they will be able to take with home with them in a little vial!

Sign-up and meet: 210

Teacher: Tony Ferreira

Classic Disney Films

We will be viewing Disney movies. Students will have the opportunity to bring snacks of their choice.

Sign-up and meet: 233

Teacher: Keith Mello

Coffee, College and Personal Essays

Let’s talk about the college personal essay, then take a walk for coffee while we brainstorm and talk together. When we return, let’s map out your college essay to give you a head start on CommonApp!

Sign-up and meet: LC

Teacher: Elizabeth Janson

*** permission slip needed

Cartoons, Coloring and Concessions

Students have a relaxing day watching classic cartoons and more current animated movies while enjoying provided snacks.

Sign-up and meet: 222

Teacher: Bob Mitchell

"No, That Won't Be On the Test"

So you can quote Shakespeare and solve for 'x'...won't help. You know who Psalm West is and where Tetris was invented...better. Prove it with all things trivia! Teams of up to 4. Mystery prizes to the winners!

Sign-up and meet: 204

Teachers: Mark Fairlchild and Sarah Cookson

Street Ball

Outside basketball at Milford Courts

Sign-up and meet: 252

Teachers; David Silva and Jeremy Puccio

***permission slip required