Snow Day Activities

Fun and educational at the same time!

When school is canceled, no need to fret. A few ideas are listed below to keep them busy!

  1. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Have you child count the marshmallows they put in their cup. Count out by groups of 10, and then count by tens to see how many marshmallows the family will be eating.
  2. Use old magazines and have your child cut letters to make sight words.
  3. Make a bookmark. Cut a rectangle shape from sturdy paper, and then have your child cut, color, and glue crafty objects on it to personalize.
  4. Celebrate the day with your child by playing some nostalgic, classic games. Find your favorite board games, from Candyland to Chutes and Ladders. If you have a deck of cards, play Go Fish or War. Teach your kids how to play jacks or marbles.
  5. Build cabins, houses and other structures with Lincoln Logs and Legos. Identify and compare the 3D shapes (name and attributes) as you create. And even if it's too cold outside, you can always put together a good old-fashioned game of hide and seek indoors or build a cozy fort. Practice giving directions and having your child follow them, or visa-versa.
  6. Create a scavenger hunt! Write a few simple clues and have your child sound out and read the clues as they venture towards a final place or prize.
  7. Start a weather journal. Include the date (day of the week, month, date, year), which number snow day it is, record the temperature, and the weather conditions. Take a picture if you’d like and print it off to go in the journal.
  8. Make a postcard. Have your child draw a picture of a special event that you all are enjoying on the snow day. On the reverse side, help your child write a short message in a complete sentence.
  9. Read a familiar story to your child and have them create a play retelling the story with characters and props.
  10. Pretend play that you are in a restaurant and help your child make a menu. You all can write words, draw pictures or cut them out from magazines, and even decide prices (number writing). Take this imaginative moment a step further and cook together in the kitchen.