The Nicholson Museum

By David

On Tuesday (yesterday) Stage 3 went to an excursion at the Nicholson Museum and the Imax theatre.We departed at 8:45 and got there around 10am.

The first place we went is the Nicholson Museum. we were seperated into our camp groups.I was in group 2 (Mr Squires). We first saw a statue about a famous messenger.We also got to see actual mummies like a ancient egypt god named Horus and got to touch the equipment Ancient egyptian people used.It was very fun at the museum.

The second place we went to was the Imax theatre.We got to see a documentry about the Egyptian tombs, how there were robbers and they would steal the mummies.They also found out that the priests took all the mummies ,the rich ones only into one big tomb. They finally found the tombs and brought it back to there museum in Cairo.

It was a very fun excursion but sadly we had to go back to school.I learnt about many things like how they used to rob the pharaos tomb and hows they were all in one tomb.I hope the next excursion will be as good or better than this one.