Neonatal Nursing 🏥

By : 💖 Kayla Ruiz 💖

Neonatal Research 🔍

Neonatal nurses are those who care for and help newborns that may have some kind of disability, prematurity , special needs, necessary procedures or surgeries, etc. They are the ones to make sure they get the treatment they need and they are perfectly healthy. Neonatal nurses also are great support to the mothers especially new moms. The required education and training needed is very lenient. There are some nursing associates, degrees, etc. Many nurses get their Masters degree or even bachelors degree. Training to become a nurse may take from 6 weeks to 3 months. Training will begin when you are in school. You get the feel of it when you take on labs. The job outlook is growing by 31% and will pass any other nurse careers by the year of 2020. Neonatal nurses usually get paid around $89,960 yearly. Hospital environments are very well for a nurse. Of course, it all depends what hospital.

High School Preparation 📚

There aren't many courses as options to take in high school that will benefit a future Neonatal Nurse. Of course, there are some. Medical careers , child development, human services, biology , etc. Places to volunteer at could possibly be a hospital, a day care , or even an animal shelter. It may seem crazy for an animal shelter but believe it or not it can help prepare to be around babies. Animals are much like humans so baby animals will have pretty much the same needs. Volunteering at hospitals is probably the best place because you can get a feel of how the working environment is.

Post-secondary Requirements

My top choice for college would be UIC. I think it would be my best option because it' very close to home, and it's not as expensive as other universities. If I went to UIC, I would still have my family all around me, therefore nothing would change. Also, the tuition isn't as much as out of state universities would be. If that wouldn't work out for me, my second and third choice would be University of California, and University of Pennsylvania. Those two colleges are on the top 10 nursing schools and i would love to go out of state. Possible majors I could study would be Doctor of Nursing Practice, Health system science, Bachelors in Science in Nursing, or any that would help me prepare to becoming a nurse. Somewhere I would be interested in applying for an internship would be the Children's hospital in Chicago. That would benefit me a lot because I can get used to being around babies.


  • Ms.Kass - Algebra teacher
  • Ms.Carlin - Access advisor
  • Ms.Gustafson - Counselor

What does a day look like as a Neonatal Nurse❓

Day in the Life: NICU