Martin's Musings

November 13, 2015


Mid-second quarter is already upon us. With that in mind, I need to make sure I am meeting the district expectations for Tower observations. Therefore, more of my classrooms visits will involve a quick notation of what is taking place in the room.

The bulk of my notations will be in the "Observation Tool" section. This area focuses more on instructional strategies and everyday teaching/learning practices. However, to help you monitor the areas of your Growth Plan, I will occasionally reference the "Teacher Indicator Feedback" area. This is the area that focuses on the three teacher indicators. For Sunshine these are: 3.2- Lessons for Diverse Learners, 6.4 Technology and Media Communication Tools and the self-selected indicator.

After I have completed the observation notes, I will release the observation to you. You will receive an email and can access that observation through your Tower log-on. While we are not held to a hard deadline of five days, I think five days is a reasonable time to allow you to view the observation and make any responses you wish to include. AFTER you have viewed the observation, please include the following phrase, "Ready to finalize" in the TOP RIGHT box of the form. Once it has been finalized, it cannot be changed.

It is important to keep in mind that one observation does not a year make or break. I will be your room many times over the course of the reminder of the year. When you look at your data, look for trends. If you note a lot of lecture lessons being documented, examine how you are delivering instruction. If repeated observations note whole group instruction with no differentiation, consider if you are meeting the diverse needs of your classroom of learners.

I have appreciated the notes you have recorded in the various areas of the observation notes. They have helped me gain a greater understanding of how your class operates and why you have made various instructional delivery choices. Thank you for engaging in the important growth dialogue.


Since last year, the use of Class Dojo has increased at Sunshine. Anytime we implement new teaching/management strategies, it is important we do so with thoughtful purposefulness. I have included some articles related to Class Dojo for your reading pleasure. If you are using Class Dojo, please find some time to read these articles and reflect on your use of Class Dojo.

Furniture Removal

Next week ANY furniture left in the hallways will be removed to GSC. If you want any of the hallway furniture for your classroom, please tag it with a BIG, BOLD sign so it does not leave the building.
Exam Paper - Lotto Instant Kiwi Commercial

GL Meetings Next Week, Classroom Visits, GR and FL

Be sure to read the Prin Bull for next week's schedule of grade-level meetings. Be sure to bring your device.

You need to have visited another Sunshine teacher's building by Thanksgiving Break.

Before Winter Break, make sure I have enjoyed watching a Guide Reading or Fluent Reading lesson in your class.