By Luke Johnson

What is Atari

Atari is basically the first gaming console that you could take home and play on your TV. Atari was also one of the biggest gaming company's ever created. Atari was founded on June 28 1972 and later ended in 1996.

Why did Atari bury their games?

Atari buried their games because they went out of business and they were ashamed because they made a game called E.T other wise known as the worst video game ever created they only took 4 weeks to code even though they should have took 4 months to code. in an interview i was reading they said that they had a lot of E.T cartridges and consoles and other Atari games leftover and so they decided to just dump the games in a dump in Alamogordo New Mexico. it was later dug up by a documentary crew that made the documentary "Atari Game Over"

How does Atari impact the world?

Atari impacts the gaming world and also the psychology world i guess is how you would put it. with the advancement in our technology/gaming technology we were able to explore new things like simulations for the military and simulations for the people who have post dramatic stress disorder.

Who is the creator of Atari?

the creator of Atari is a guy named Nolan Bushnell he owned Atari as well as a company named Chuck, e Cheeses. the co owner is Ted Dabney hes nothing special besides that he is the co owner and that's it.

Interesting facts

there is a lot of interesting facts about Atari but the ones that i think that are most interesting are these: the Atari is a stereotypical wall street company and they only hired laid back lazy people so basically hippies.

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