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Imagine and Recreate...

What's goin' on?

If the statues could talk that's what I imagine them saying, "What's goin' on?" Change, that's what's goin' on! Not only am I new to Robinson but Mrs. Cook is new to the Media Center. She is learning another part of Robinson and I am busy learning about you and what the Media Center means to this school.

This will be a year of change; some noticeable, some not so much. I've been observing process and procedures and I will be tweaking them as I see the need. One change that starts now: when your classes come to the Media Center I am asking they wait in the hallway. This allows your students time to mentally transition and allows you the opportunity to lead them to the reserved space. I love how much the Media Center is utilized but I'm not loving how chaotic it can get. This new process should help restore some balance.

Now's Your Chance!

What are you thinkin'?

My guiding philosophy is "meet the needs of your users." In order to know what this should like at Robinson I'm asking you to take 3 minutes to answer 5 questions. Click the link below and help us imagine and recreate our program.


I appreciate your time, thoughts and patience as we work together to make Robinson's Media Center not just a space but a vibrant place where wonder and discovery lead to new ideas and learning!

Mrs. Durham