European Country Discovery Project

By Jennie Li 2V

Country basics

My country's name is Luxembourg and capital is also named Luxembourg or Luxembourg city.

The meaning of the Luxembourg flag was that the flag was adopted on June 23, 1972, the Luxembourg was influenced by the French flag. Luxembourg declared independence from Germany in 1835 and designed the flag in 1845

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Luxembourg is around the western Europe and some of the counters that surround Luxembourg are Belgium, France and Germany.

The major landforms that Luxembourg have is that Luxembourg is land locked country of thick, green forest that covers rolling hills and low mountains

for the major bodies water It said that there we no water surround because Luxembourg are surrounded by France & Germany.


the leader of Luxembourg is Grand Duke Henri. He was chosen on October 7, 2000, He is the eldest son of Grand Duke Jean and princess Josephine charlotte of Belgium, and first cousin of current king of the Belgians, Philippe.

Grand Duke Henri is a king of Luxembourg and he isn't really a president so Luxembourg is A unlimited government because Grand Duke Henri is a king and he's from a king and queen family and isn't chosen for a president so Luxembourg is a Unlimited place.

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Luxembourg is a rich nation because all people there are young and healthy and they have very beautiful places.

The kind of money they use in Luxembourg is called " Euro "

The rate for birth was 11.37, the rate for death was 7.24. for their drinking water source they have 71 springs and water sources, though only 38 are actually used to obtain drinking water.


language: Luxembourgish

major holiday: schueberfouer

clothing: they have nice and fancy clothes

even if they have fancy clothes they don't wear them they only like to wear on special events but expect for that, they usually like to wear regular clothes like us Americans, for example if you go to their, country probably 70% of the people there are wearing lazy clothes regular clothes like we do.

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Difference & Similarites of Luxembourg

the difference between Luxembourg and America are that Luxembourg people like always like to wear casual clothes and I think 30% of Luxembourg people wear fancy clothes for special events and 90% Americans like to wear fancy clothes for special events.

the similarities between Luxembourg and America are that both celebrate the same holidays like, Christmas, Thanksgiving and maybe Valentines.

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Imports and Exports

Luxembourg doesn't really trade but what I researched that Luxembourg trade is, food machinery thing and maybe some technology things