For Roman Emperor

By: Tate Cerasoli

My name is Flavius Petrus Sabbatius Iustinianus also known as Justinian the first and Justinian the great. I want to become emperor because I believe that Rome deserves something better. I realize i will be going against many extreme leaders and even the adapted son of Julius Caesar But now that i see that the Empire could go into a darkness (or fire if Nero is elected), I know that with me in the consul and you all supporting me, we can make Rome the country it was made to be.

I should be elected as emperor because I am a saint of Christianity and i am one with god meaning that I can bring great joy and prosperity to this country, also i have learned good leadership skills due to working with the church. You may not agree with my religion which i fully respect but if you elect me, not only will i enlighten you with Jesus, but I will guarantee you a life unimaginable joy. I also will help our Roman Empire grow massively by conquesting both Africa and be campaigning against the Ostrogoth. As most of you might know, there is a disease doing around called "The Black Plague" and I will be going against it.
In conclusion, I will do all i can to reach everyone's expectations. I Will Conquest Africa and Ostrogoth and Cure the Black Plague. I will do this in the name of the Justinian Dynasty and To make Rome the country it was made to be.