Discount Stores

Stores that sell goods less than the retail price.

What do they sell?

Discount stores tend to sell a variety of things. They sell clothing, shoes, toys, and some even sell home furnishings.

Examples of discount stores

Additional facts

They were most successful during the 1960's.

They were more popular than the average supermarket.

Vocabulary words

Branch Stores: smaller retail units typically owned by a parent store.

Flagship Stores: "parent" or main store.

Chain: A group of stores owned & operated by a central office.

Off Price Discounters: sell name brand or designer merchandise at low prices.

Wholesale Warehouse Clubs: specialize in bulk sale & sell a limited selection of nationally branded merchandise.

Specialty Stores: carry large selections of limited classifications of merchandise.

Direct-mail Retailers: sell in mail orders.

Telecommunication Retailing: allows people to use communication devices to place their merchandise orders.

Store Ownership Groups: cooperate ownership groups, brought together under a central ownership.

Horizontal Integration: several chains or companies in one area.

National Retail Federation: Worlds largest trade association.