Pennsylvania colony

By Skyler Valimont


If Willam Penn,the Liberty Bell,and Hannah Penn weren't here Pennsylvania wouldn't exist. Willam Penn is the founder of Pennsylvania colony. The Liberty Bell is an important relic to Pennsylvania. Hannah penn is responsible for managing the colony of Pennsylvania. Willam Penn,the liberty bell ,and Hannah Penn are important to Pennsylvania colony.

Willam Penn

William Penn is the founder of Pennsylvania and its colony.Willlam Penn is a English Quaker founded Pennsylvania. Willam was born on October 14,1644 in London.He was the son of navel officer. Later an Admiral sir William Penn. Willam went to Ireland to manage his father estates. There he became acquainted with Thomas Loe a Quaker preacher who convinced him of of the "truth" of a Quaker. Charles ll owed penn's father an unpaid debt of $80,000. Penn asked the king to repay the debt $80,000 with wilderness in America as a result the king gave him territory west of the Delaware River and between New York and Maryland. Penn got a suggestion Sylvania by the king and Penn put Penn for Penn woods. Willam Penn was a famous English Quaker who fonded Pennsylvania.

The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell is important to American and Pennsylvania history. The Liberty Bell is important to America and Pennsylvania because it was rung on the frist reading of the Declaration of Independence in July 8,1776. The Liberty Bell over 2,080 lb. The colonial Province Pennsylvania paid $300 for it in 1752. However the bell is no longer played but has been struck on special occasion. On June 6,1944 ,when Allied Forces landed on France. When Philadelphia officials struck the bell. Today the bell is hanging in the Liberty Bell Center North of the Independence Center. The Liberty Bell is an Important relic to America.

Hannah Penn

Hannah Penn is responsible for managing the colony of Pennsylvania. Hannah Penn was responsible for managing the colony of Pennsylvania from 1712 to 1726 Hannah Penn was born in Bristol England on February. 11,1671. Her family belonged to the Quaker faith,and her father was a wealthy merchant. In 1696 she married Willam Penn, a fellow Quaker. After Penn died Hannah managed the colony still.Hannah was a good manager for the colony


Pennsylvania wouldn't exist if Willam Penn, The Liberty Bell, and Hannah Penn weren't here. Willam Penn is a great English Quaker who founded Pennsylvania. The Liberty Bell is a great piece for our Independence. Hannah Penn was a great manager for the colony. These are the people and the things who make up the colony of Pennsylvania.


1. Declaration of Independence- A document declaring us to be independent

2. Merchant- A person or company involved in wholesale trade.

3. Quaker- A member of the religious society of friends.


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