The end of the beggining

AVI by kashara & donyea

The beggining

A snail named Avon liked to read adventure books,one day he was sad he never went on an adventure before so next a ant came and told Avon they were going on a adventure. Then Edward the ant taught Avon a family marching song then they met a newt,the newt told them about dragons and told them the direction that they want to go. Then they met a cricket and Edward made a new cheese song for him then they met a catapilar and Avon promised to guard its home while the catapilar slept and then the catapilar turned into a butterfly then they met a snail and Edward wanted Avon to fight it so it was a couple of days and the two snails passed each other. Then Avon and Edward found a house that looked like Avon's ,so Avon and Edward lived together the end.