Southeastern: Apache

By: Preslea Maldonado Sepetember 25, 2014 7th period

Apache: Government, Regions, Shelter and Location

Government~ They follow one chief to lead the tribe.

Regions~ Nomadic; meaning they were always traveling and never really staying in one place.

Shelter~ Lived in teepees- nomads

Location~ southern Colorado to the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico also in Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona

Apache: Food, clothing, history facts and a crazy random fact

Food~ Buffalo, and farming until the horses came.

Clothing~ Buffalo and deer hide, body/face paint and Feathers

History~ In the 1730's the Apache's were at constant battle with the Spaniards. Most of the time they were bloody and gross. Finally around 1743 the Spanish leader designated areas of Texas for the Apaches to live, easing the battle over land.

Crazy Fact~ The word Apache means "enemy" to neighbors and other enemies they have.


The Apache unlike the Caddo tribe only has one chief to lead the tribe. They also lived in teepees while most of the other tribe's lived in more things like huts with grass and frames or dug out canoes. Apaches main food resource was obviously buffalo when some of the other tribes like the coastal pains was fish and some farming. Most of the clothing was the same other than a few differences like animal hide and feathers. Because they mostly ate buffalo they wore the buffalo skin and used their bones as weapons. Apache maybe not the smartest group there is, but they most definitely have some interesting ways of living.