Role of fluids in people and cars

What are fluids

A fluid is anything that flows, and takes the shape of it's container. The human body is made up of 75% of fluids, and cars function due to the help of numerous fluids. In both humans and cars fluids are very important, and comparing the pair deepens one's understanding of fluids.

Wind shield Wiper fluid and Tears

Tears are not the sign of emotional weakness, as many stereotypes suggest. In fact, crying is a natural and involuntary occurrence. Humans cry in order to remove and dust or debris on the eye, and to keep the eyes moist. Crying is so important, that someone in a coma would involuntarily cry, signaling how important crying is. Wind shield wiper fluid, has the some purposes; to remove any dust or debris on the wind shield. In fact both fluids are specially designed not to freeze in winter, when temperatures easily go below freezing. They relate as both of them are used clear a viewing port of debris and dust.

Sweat and Air

Sweat is the body #1 way to stay cool, and again is a vital natural occurrence. When you sweat your body is cleaning its skin pores, by releasing unwanted fluids from your system. But the main reason for sweating is to cool your body temperature. When the fluid that was released evaporates, it cools your body temperature. The role of air in a combustion engine is the same; to cool the engine. When you drive, miniature explosions are happening, and in order to prevent overheating, the engine uses air to cool down. The air goes through a vent on the front bumper, and is forced around the engine to cool it. They relate as both of them cool something.

Ear Wax and Motor Oil

Ear wax is the fluid that cleans the ear canal. It migrates out from the ear drums, catching any foreign matter (like dust and dead skin cells) and deporting it. It also keeps the ear canal moist, because having dry skin there would be extremely uncomfortable. One of the functions of motor oil is to pick up any debris between engine parts. This is very important, because for an engine to work efficiently, it must be clean. These 2 fluids relate, as both of them clean something, and are both liquid.


Fluids play vital roles in our lives, and without them life, Earth, or the sun wouldn't exist. Their use goes beyond cars and humans, it spans back billions of years and will continue for billions more. The study of fluids is ongoing, and this assignment has touched the tip of the ice berg that is fluids. *)^