Blackhawk Bulletin

October 11, 2015

We survived last week!

Last week was a challenging week full of new activities, schedule changes and late night training. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Here are some thoughts about last week:

  • Notes from the School-Wide PLC Data Discussions will be placed in your mailboxes. These are CONFIDENTIAL sheets that include lots of student information but it is important for everyone who provides instruction and support for our students to know exactly what they need to focus on. For the sake of time, our discussions were focused only on reading. Please do NOT leave these documents laying around.
  • Make sure that you are looking at students' MSVs and Dibels results on the mClass system or the running record in 4th grade so you can pinpoint the areas of growth. If we are not using this data, then we are spending lots of time on strategies that may not help students grow.
  • The Lighthouse Team has a great draft of a tentative plan to share with everyone. This means exactly what it says. We have started but did not get a full three-year plan together. We will be meeting soon to continue our work before it is at a stage to even share with everyone. (We really DID work hard!)
  • We are doing an Eblen Charities Spirit Week. Information will go home with students on the 19th. The dress up days will be on the 22, 23, 28, 29 and 30. More information to come.
  • Please have your students vote on the new HAWK Habit Leader for Habit 3: Put First Things First. Add these names to the Google Document. We will recognize these students on Thursday (Grades 2/3) and Friday (Grade 4).
  • I will share the voting document for our new staff SUPER HAWK! I wonder who will hear the hawk screech this time?? Please vote by 8 AM on Wednesday.

Food for Thought Regarding Student Behavior

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Upcoming Events

  • October 12-15 - AIG Testing for 3rd grade
  • October 12 - 16 - YELLOW Progress Monitoring Week (Make sure you got all of your RED dots completed last week. If not, do these on Monday.)
  • October 12 - NB Elementary Principals Meeting at WvES to discuss further 1:1 Initiative Support
  • October 13 - Joint Leadership Team Meeting w/ WPS (Principal, Title 1 and Guidance) at 11 AM
  • October 13 - Lighthouse Team Meeting at 2:45 in Tierney's Classroom
  • October 13 - District Advisory Meeting at 6:30 PM - Erwin High
  • October 14 - Principals Meeting at CO followed by a Leader in Me meeting for schools in training this year
  • October 14 - Literacy Team Meeting at 2:45
  • October 14 - No ESL classes due to Data Meetings at NWR
  • October 15 - 4th grade field trip to Cherokee
  • October 16 - NB District Principal's Meeting HERE (we will take a tour of the school!) and Meeting with District Math Coaches during Grade Level Planning times in the PLC Data Room
  • October 16 - Ident-a-kid program
  • October 19 - 23 - RED Progress Monitoring Week
  • October 19 - New Leaders Achieve Groups will start
  • October 19 - PLC Support Team Meeting at County Office - 3:15
  • October 21 - SIT Meeting (Please send agenda items to Amanda Brookshire)
  • October 22 - MTAC Meeting
  • October 23 - Grades due in Gradebook by 8AM for Report Cards. Make sure to provide comments and feedback to parents.
  • October 26 - OTWD - but you have trade days! Yippee!
  • October 27 - DTWD - but you have trade days! Awesome!
  • October 28-30 - Make sure you have completed PM on your BLUE/GREEN students at least once in the month of October.
  • October 29 - RTA Test for select 4th grade students. Hopefully they will be a level P by then!
  • October 30 - Principals Meeting
  • October 30 - Report Cards Go Home
  • November 3 - Staff Meeting at 2:45 (We will meet on the 1st Tuesday instead of the 1st Thursday due to conflicts)
  • November 5 and 6 - Mrs. Allison has to attend Math Professional Development provided by TERC
  • November 6 - School Spirit Day for Box Tops - Students Bring in 2 Box Tops to participate

Check this out - IT IS AWESOME!

Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!