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Growing with God... August 2021

Welcome to the 2021-22 School Year!

The St. Michael Preschool teachers and staff are thrilled to welcome your family to this new school year. We are looking forward to once again creating joyful and meaningful opportunities for our preschoolers to pray, play, and learn together! CLICK HERE to get to know our dedicated preschool teachers and staff.

Through several short videos and text, this newsletter serves to provide you with important information and updates including a Welcome from our Pastor, Fr. Michael, Preschool Programming including our new diocesan preschool standards, the NCDHHS health and safety protocols, Arrival and Dismissal procedures, and how to use the new Realm Community Newsfeed tool. Please look for a separate email from your child's teachers with their orientation video.

Thank you for entrusting your child to our loving care and for your support and prayers. Please reach out to the preschool office with any questions. We can't wait to see you soon!


Lisa Ciesla, Director

Welcome from Fr. Michael Burbeck, Pastor, St. Michael Church

Welcome from Fr. Michael

Prayer for a New School Year

Dear God,

We thank you for this new school year and we ask that you bless the children, parents, and teachers that make our school a joyful place to play, learn, and grow.
We pray that you will keep us healthy and safe and guide us in your ways as we grow in our love of your son, Jesus Christ.

Strengthen our school community so that we will seek your will in everything we say and do, and love others as you love us.

We ask this in your name.

Welcome from Miss Lisa Ciesla, Preschool Director

Welcome from Miss Lisa, Preschool Director

New Diocesan Preschool Standards

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This past year, the Diocese of Raleigh Preschool/Early Childhood Standards (PS/ECC) were revised. The implementation of these standards will occur this year. All preschool/early childhood teachers within our diocese will attend training to implement the standards.

The PS/ECC standards are intended for use in all Diocese of Raleigh preschools and early childhood centers. They have been designed to include overarching standards, achievement standards, and age-level goals. The standards cover ages 2 through pre-kindergarten, outline the level of competency expected of students at each age, and are aligned to the North Carolina Foundations of Early Learning and Development. Catholic Identity is infused throughout the standards. Assessments will support the student’s learning and provide useful information for the teacher, student, and parent.

Children enter preschool programs with a vast diversity in experiences, language, culture, development, and ability, therefore, the standards are created to occur in a continuum. This will help promote a successful transition from preschool to kindergarten, which supports students' future social/emotional and academic success. Using a newly created narrative progress report, all PS/ECC's will share children's growth and development with parents.

Overview of Preschool Standards, Curriculum, Instruction, & Parent Communication

Part 1 Preschool Orientation

2021-2022 Operating Plan & Parent Handbook

Please carefully review the ST. MICHAEL PRESCHOOL OPERATING PLAN 2021-2022 and 2021-2022 PARENT HANDBOOK. The response to the COVID-19 pandemic is ever-changing, so please keep in mind that we may be asked to modify or adjust policies and/or procedures based on guidance from the diocese and local, state, or federal health departments. Questions or any need for clarification should be referred to the director immediately.

Overview of NCDHHS COVID-19 Preschool Protocols

Part 2 Preschool Orientation
Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Emergency Contacts

St. Michael Preschool uses Blackboard Connect, a one-call message service to notify parents of unplanned school closings, emergencies, or other important preschool information. Your child’s "Head 1" Phone Number in Realm will be used for non-emergency Blackboard Connect broadcast messages (ex: weather closures/director updates).

In case of an emergency during school hours, a Blackboard Connect broadcast message will be sent to all parent phone numbers on record in Realm ("Head 1" and "Head 2" ) and the emergency contacts listed in your child's Realm Profile.


Please take a moment to Log Into Realm and confirm your phone numbers and emergency contacts are up to date in Realm. Once logged in, click on the Profile Link in the upper right-hand corner. Note: emergency contacts are listed in your child's profile.

Meet the Teacher

August 25 - 27

These programs are designed to allow your child to meet their teachers and transition back to school in a supportive way while adhering to the recommendation of NCDHHS to limit the number of visitors entering the preschool at a given time. Your child's teachers are looking forward to meeting you!

For your scheduled day and time, please refer to the Meet the Teacher SignUp Genius emailed from your child's teachers.

Wed., 8/25 - Clifford, Tigger, Owl, Rabbit and M/W Roo

Thurs., 8/26 - Pooh, Piglet and T/TH Roo

Fri., 8/27 - Kanga

During your “Meet the Teacher” session your teacher will provide you with a few documents to complete and return to school. This includes your child's Carpool/Pick Up Authorization Card and Acknowledgement of the Operating Plan & Parent Handbook. In addition to these Student Documents, keep in mind the following student documents must be on file in the preschool office before your child may begin school. These documents can be emailed (scan or photograph) to


Week of August 30

Please refer to the email you received noting the date and time for your child's orientation days. These 1-hour student orientation sessions will provide your child with a supportive and positive transition back to school.

Once your child completes the health screening, we will ask you to say a quick goodbye, and then a teacher will escort your child to class. In small groups, the children will have fun playing and exploring their classroom while getting to know their classmates and teachers.

At the end of the session, please plan to meet your child at your assigned outdoor dismissal location.

Music & Movement with Miss Karen

Hello from Miss Karen


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NO SCHOOL - Friday, 9/24 - Teacher Professional Development Day

Extended Day Programs

Early Arrival, Lunch Programs and Adventure Camp:

Please see our Extended Day Registration Newsletter or our Extended Day Webpage for information regarding our Extended Day Programing. You may also find this Intro to Extended Day Video helpful.

Ready to register for Extended Day?

Log Into Realm (Realm Log In required), then while logged in click the following Extended Day Registration Link

Classroom Realm Groups and Class Newsfeed

Want to connect with other parents in your child's class? In August, the Realm Newsfeed function will be available to all classroom parents. Realm Newsfeed offers an opportunity for families within your class to connect and network, encouraging fellowship among our community. Teachers will use Realm Newsfeeds to communicate class activities, upcoming events, and updates. Please view our Parent Introduction to Realm Newsfeeds Video for more information and user tips. (Note: all groups are private and limited to Classroom Parents, Teachers, and Administration)

Ready to get started?

Log in to Realm,

Select “Groups” in the left menu bar

Select the Group you wish to view, for example, Clifford Class Parent Group

Now is a great time to ensure your Realm Privacy and Notification Settings are set to your liking. Please see your Privacy and Notifications Settings in your Realm Profile (Log into Realm then see the upper right-hand corner of your Realm home screen)

Show Your School Spirit

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Allergy Sensitive Snacks

Safe Snack

  • Children will bring their own snack to school. We ask that it be just one or two items that can be easily enjoyed by your child.
  • Snacks may NOT contain peanuts/nuts or peanut/nut products. This includes foods that have been produced/processed in a plant with nut products.
  • Avoid potential choking hazards - all grapes, cherries, and mini tomatoes need to be cut in half. Popcorn and hard candy are not permitted.
Power Snack Recommendations = 1 protein + 1 complex carbohydrate
  • The combination of complex carbohydrates (fruits, veggies, and whole grains) with protein and heart-healthy fats, help children to maintain their energy levels for longer periods of time, thereby increasing your child's "learning ready" time.
  • Snacks should include, when possible, natural foods that are high in protein and fiber, while low in sugars.
  • Please send your child with a labeled water bottle from home or teachers will provide a disposable paper cup since water fountains will not be used.
  • To avoid unnecessary sugars, only water (no juice) should be sent to school.

CLICK HERE for Healthy Snack Ideas

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About Us

St. Michael Preschool is an important mission of St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church. We provide a safe and loving environment where the development of the whole child and the joy of learning is nurtured through socialization and play as we grow in our love of Jesus and discover how God is a part of our everyday lives.