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Avoca District 37

Welcome Back!

Due to the COVID-19 Health Crisis and my regular updates on that and Remote Learning, I have skipped my semi-weekly Superintendent's Corner. Nonetheless, even while we all slowly adjust to our new reality with Remote Learning, communication and connection are more important than ever. Likewise, our planning and work for next year goes on, and there is always good news to share about our schools and community. In this issue, you can find out about
  • SEL - Now, more than ever
  • Registration for Next Year Opens on April 20th
  • Fees Waivers for 2020-21 - Expanded Responsiveness due to COVID-19
  • Fees for 2020-21 - Revamped WebPage
  • COVID-19 Notes - Outreach & Support (Business Support & Food Security)
  • A Student's Take on Remote Learning (Cartoon by Landen)

SEL - Now More Than Ever

Our staff had already started their formal professional learning on the Social Emotional Learning Standards as far back as August. And to varying degrees (see previous principal posts) both schools had been working on these skills with students.

Additionally, all the New Trier Township schools were scheduled to work with the Collaborative for Academic & Social Emotional Learning (CASEL) this summer to advance our learning.

Now we find that these skills are more important than ever. Whether showing awareness of one's own emotional state, demonstrating empathy toward others, or engaging in important self-management skills, Social Emotional health is and will be essential for coping with the COVID-19 crisis.

For K-5 students on our standard Remote Learning Days there are healthy SEL-oriented activities embedded in the day. On our SELect Learning Day (April 20th) there will be a focus on these kinds of activities that can then be carried over daily whenever a family wants to do so. One example of these kinds of activities can be found here on the Confident Parents Confident Kids website. Be on the lookout for more to come.

Registration for the 2020-21 School Year Opens April 20th

While there will be no hurry, we do open the online portion for registering your student for next year starting on Monday, April 20th. Completing the online forms for this process helps the District make sure we have all the correct information about your student and related to keeping in contact with you for next year. Be on the lookout for this email starting April 20th.

Fees for 2020-21 - Waivers - Expanded Responsiveness

While the Board has passed and is committed to the fees for the 2020-2021 school year, largely due to the financial state of the district and after a review of its fees to date, it also understands that the economic disruption to families could make fee payments more challenging than would otherwise be the case.

In addition to the normal fee waiver & reduction guidelines (based on reported household income and size of household), the Administration will be making recommendations to the Board for other ways to grant fee waivers and reductions for the 2020-21 school year in order to be responsive to specific family situations. Once those new approaches to granting full or partial waivers is approved, those will be communicated with families.

Fees for 2020-2021 - Redesigned Web Page & Explanations

COVID-19 Notes - Outreach & Support

  • While many families are struggling financially, some of us are in a position to help. There are businesses inside the Avoca district boundaries and businesses operated by Avoca families who could benefit from our support. Click here to see a partial list and if you have info. on more we can add, please do so.

  • Likewise, food insecurity is a real threat for many families right now. Our food service, Quest, has provided for free lunches to any family that has requested it through this link.

  • Additionally, the New Trier Township Food pantry is available to any family in the township. Please call Brian Leverenz at 847-446-8203 an arrange a time for food pick up. The staff is onsite four days per week from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.