The [ME] Project

Nancy Ros

Who Am I?

Hello! I'm a 15 year-old student who's honestly too lazy for my own good. I put things off and procrastinate all of the time, but ultimately always get around to doing it, so I often finish things last minute. I always say I don't like sports, but I actually just don't like the competitiveness of it, which is a reason I'm not into playing on teams. That, and no one passes me the ball. I like badminton, floor hockey, swimming and martial arts. My hobbies include playing video games and drawing.
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My Lifeline

2015 (age 14)

I got my braces (that I still have right now). They bug me a lot, are difficult to clean, and most importantly, take away some of my eating privileges.
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My Favourite Things

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My Role Model Is...

My mom. My mom is my role model because like many other immigrants, she came from nothing and struggled in so many ways for my sake.

Unlike some parents, she was born in the midst of a civil war, and lost her own parents (my grandparents) at around 6 years old. She was an only child, and ended up growing up on a farm with her aunt's family doing hard labour in order to survive. Coupled with farming, she still went to school in a time and place where girls were supposed to be married off as soon as they started their periods. My mom's guardians were, although poor, luckily educated, and allowed her to go to school.

My mom was good at everything. She was always at the top of her class. While her female classmates kept dropping out of high school due to marriage, she stayed and competed with the boys for top marks. She once said that in a high school math class, there were 50 students, but only 9 girls including her.

She ended up graduating teachers' college as one of the highest scoring students, and was able to get first pick as to where she wanted to work. She chose to teach math at a middle school near her farm.

My mom is such an inspiration to me because not only sis she suffer through so much in her childhood, but she had such a bright future before sacrificing it to come to Canada and give me one instead. Instead of being a teacher, and doing what she loves, she's now a cashier at a store due to the difference in education of Canada and her home country. My mom gave up being a respected teacher, and became a cashier instead. Even today, when we're in a safer country, we have a house and enough to eat everyday, she still works extremely hard for our sake. She still makes sure we eat first, before eating herself. She spends almost nothing for herself, and it's incredible how selfless she is. My mom is a determined, selfless, clever woman, and she is what I strive to be everyday.


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My mom is undoubtedly my biggest influence. When I was younger, she was the one to ingrain the importance of education in my head. She also constantly reminds me to be respectful and do what's right (her favourite thing to remind me is to never steal). She even influenced the way I dress. She just pointed out that I wear dark, plain clothes just like her. I thought she was weird for thinking that, but when I look at my grade 7 wardrobe, I think I understand: the only colours I owned were black, purple and navy blue.

The biggest internal factor in my character development is probably some self confidence issues I had in middle school. As I mentioned before, my personality took a 180 when I entered grade 6. I'm not sure what happened, I feel like it was just so different considering I knew everyone in elementary school, and in middle school, I knew no one. Then in grade 7, I tried so hard to be people's friends, many whom I regret getting involved with. Even though I had a best friend, I felt like I needed more friends to be happy in middle school, and regret this thought process so much. I changed myself so I could feel accepted, but I couldn't accept myself.

External factors would mainly include my friends. Although the people I've been friends with over the years have definitely influenced me, no one friend has really made a huge impact on me. In elementary school, I was friends with a group of mean girls, so I myself was mean. In middle school, I had a really good best friend (to today), but also had some friends that weren't so great. I tried to change myself to fit with them. Now, I don't let the people I hang around affect me. I don't let their own choices affect mine, and I don't chase after people either.


Currently, I plan to become a pharmacist because I'm interested in medicine and the medical field overall, but I don't really want to be a doctor. A doctor, while it has really good pay and is always in demand, isn't exactly ideal for me. Diseases and illnesses both intrigue and scare me, because it's interesting to learn about them, and at the same time, it's scary since now that you've become educated about them, you know what what could happen to you if you contract the disease. Doctors frankly see ill people, as their purpose is to help heal them. I don't know if I could come to work everyday looking forward to seeing sick people, and worrying about maybe catching something. I also don't like the work hours of a doctor because they frankly work long hours, and if I plan to have kids, I don't want them not having their mom around often. So for now, I'm opting for a pharmacist because I can still help people in a way similar to a doctor, just not directly.

To become a pharmacist, I plan to take university level biology, chemistry, english and math all throughout high school. After high school, I plan to study at a university life sciences program, then move to a pharmacy program.

My Leadership Styles

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1)PACE-SETTER: During any group projects where I become leader, I have high expectations for my peers, and expect them to (at least try to) follow through. I might also come up with ideas and jobs for each person to do if no one is willing to take initiative.

2)DEMOCRATIC: While I might come up with many of the ideas and impose jobs on others, I still make sure to ask my group if they like the idea, if they're okay with it, etc. If they don't like my idea, I'd ask them what they'd want to do and go from there.

3)COACHING: If my group wants to try out different things, I'd let them try and help them do it. If they wanted feedback about their job, I'd give it to them and tell them what I thought was good, and what I thought I needed improvement (and give suggestions as to how they can improve it).


Our Heritage- Cambodia

Although my roots (my ancestors) are Chinese, both my parents were born in Cambodia, so they try to carry on Cambodian traditions to today. This is significant in our family because there aren't many Cambodian people in general (when compared to Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.), so it's hard to follow traditions. In saying that, our family is actually less traditional than most- we don't go to temples, we don't have much traditional wear, etc. These are things that are hard to find (Cambodian temples and clothes shops), so we just gave up on those sorts of things. However, two things from our culture that are still very relevant to our household are music and food. We have so many CD's that have Cambodian music on, and there's also the Internet. As for food, my mom's been cooking that food since she was young, so obviously, she'd still cook it here (one day I hope to learn how to cook our traditional food). I think, like the war-torn country and its citizens, we just try to continue in a changing world, even if we have to lose some things along the way- at least it's not losing everything.

The Dinner Table

Some families have a game night, a movie night, or something or other. Our family has nothing like that (because my parents don't have time for that, and my brother and I aren't interested in doing that stuff). What we do do as a sort of family tradition, is eat together. Although we may not see each other throughout the day, at dinner, we come together to eat and talk.
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Learning Style- Visual/Kinesthetic

Personality- INTP

Interests- The Technician (1. Investigative, 2. Conventional)

Knowledge- Science (2. Creative Arts, 3. English)

Motivations- Support

Government Career/Learning Style Quizzes

Abilities- 1. Spatial Perception, 2. General Learning Ability, 3. Numerical Ability

Data, People, Things- 1. Compiling/Computing, 2. Instructing Consulting/Supervising, 3. Setting Up/Precision Working

Work Preference- 1. Methodical, 2. Innovative, 3. Directive

Multiple Intelligences-1. Intrapersonal, 2. Logical/Mathematical and Verbal/Linguistic

Seeing, Hearing, Doing- 1. Visual, 2. Doing, 3. Hearing


Multiple Intelligences- 1. Kinesthetic, 2. Visual/Spatial

4 Temperments- Rational

Enneagram- Investigator

True Colours- Gold

Meyer Briggs- INFP

John Holland- Thinker

Right/Left Brain- Left

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The most accurate test for me was the Meyer Briggs personality test because I've actually done this same test before, and I get the same result everytime. I've done different versions of the test too, and I've still gotten INFP as my result. I also feel that it describes me pretty accurately: I'm introverted and tend to daydream. I've always had a thing for visual arts, which might explain my creativity. I easily sympathize with others, and am actually a sensitive person. With this said, I can usually read people, and plan out the things I say and do accordingly. I also procrastinate often, and have a hard to focusing, my only motivation being the deadline. I try to keep a schedule, but nothing ever goes according to plan, so I'm good at improvising. The only thing about this result that doesn't really match me, is my perception of reality. I feel that I am a pretty realistic person as I know what is obtainable now, and what is not, and the things I'd need to do to achieve it. It's just that I tend to daydream often to escape reality.

The most useful test in helping me determine a career is probably the MyBlueprint interests test because it gave examples of things I could do at different jobs- some of which I'd never really thought of- and I ended up with certain areas that actually match me well. I was actually surprised math wasn't in the top three results, rather, english was. This test was helpful because it just further validates my interests.

The least helpful test was probably the true colours assortment because as it was another personality test, it wasn't as specific as the Meyer Briggs Type Indicator. The categories for each result were very vague, and as seen with the MBTI, the general personalities can be broken down further. In saying that, I could already tell what my result was going to be and I didn't learn anything about myself that I didn't already know.

Four of my strengths include independence, determination, improvising skills, and cooperation. I'm independent in almost everything I do, probably because of my being introverted. I can do things without solely relying on others, and at the same time, recognize when I need help and get it. Determination is one of my strengths because although I am lazy, when I eventually get to work, I work hard. I make sure I do the best I can with the given circumstances, and I finish all assigned work. My improvising skills are a strength of mine because as I said before, I'm a big procrastinator, so going with the flow and making the best out of the present is a good ability to have. It means that I can also adapt better to changes, rather than freak out if something is amiss and not planned. Another strength of mine is cooperation. Whether it's to work with a friend or someone I don't really know, I think cooperation is a strength because I can work with practically everyone. I set aside personal feelings, and make sure work gets done without unnecessary hassle.

Four of my weaknesses include procrastination, proneness to stress/worry, low-confidence, and poor social skills. Procrastination is something that really takes a toll on my work, and it's something that I'm very prone to. I could put so much more effort into things and save more time, but I don't due to my laziness. Something like math homework should only take me about an hour to do, but it takes me four because of procrastination. Another weakness is how easily I am prone to anxiety. I get anxious very easily, and it can be over the smallest things, like saying something to someone and thinking about it for the rest of the day. I overthink everything, and it just ruins my mood, not to mention, it can get in the way of my productivity. Low-confidence is another weakness of mine because I lose opportunities. Things that I want to do or say, aren't, because I'm not sure of myself and whether or not I can really do it. Even if I could, I wouldn't know it because I didn't try. Lastly, poor social skills are another weakness of mine because again, I lose opportunities to build relationships with people. There are many people I realize I could be friends with, but I'm not because I can't communicate my feelings and thoughts properly. I feel awkward and uncomfortable around people I don't know, and because of that, I miss out on great people.

Through these quizzes and questions, I validated things I already knew about myself, and learned new things as well. Something that was both new and surprising to me that I learned about myself, was that I was actually pretty optimistic. This is important to me because I tend to get really anxious easily, and I've had big self-confidence issues back in middle school, so the fact that I actually have an optimistic perspective surprised me: I was expecting pessimism, I think it occurred to me most during the hand out we were given about influences. It asked for big influences in our lives, good or bad, and I ended up only listing good. It was from that moment I realized how optimistic I actually was (which is a good thing!). Another thing that surprised me was that I'm more rational than I thought. In many of the tests, I'd gotten results that pointed towards more calculated thinking, something I never really thought I had, which was also an eye opener.

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