The Patriot Post

Community 7 Newsletter May 15-26th

Dear Patriot Parents,

First, thank you for showering us with appreciation last week! We were truly amazed by your outpouring of gratitude!

As we wrap up the school year (can you believe this is our LAST newsletter!) we want to thank you again for everything and hope that our learners know how much we have enjoyed our year with them. We have all come so far from the beginning of the year. The quote below is a testament to our inaugural year at PRS. In order to create something better, we have to change, adapt, and be revolutionary in our field. Our learners must do this as well. We are not preparing them for the world we know right this minute, but for the future. The road to excellence is always paved with bumps, roadblocks, and distractions, however, we plan to spend our summer reflecting, refining, reenergizing, and restructuring based on our one year of experience.

Housekeeping points:

To ensure we are meeting any needs and concerns you may have, please email us directly. This includes issues regarding specific standards on


you may have - instead of writing a comment, write a specific email to the respective lead learner you'd like to correspond with.
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Instructional Tools

Edmodo is our learning management system where assignments are posted. Here you will see assignments, due dates, and resource links. We utilize the folders option and communicate expectations using the post feature as well.

Parents may access this through a unique code on your student's edmodo page. Ask your learner to sign in and show you the parent code. Once you have the code, signing up is easy--just go to , sign up as a parent, enter your access code and fill in the required information.

Google Drive is where our learners can collaborate with others and receive feedback from their lead learners. Each learner has a shared folder for each Lead Learner where they upload or create their work to be assessed. Ask your learner to open this folder and share their work with you. Click HERE for a basic overview of how Google Drive works.

Each lead learner will be having students work and receive feedback in their notebook as well.

Weekly Learning Goals

Ms. Austin's ELA/SS Family

When I think back to the beginning of the year, I think about the many changes, adaptations, and just hurdles we have all had to overcome. I think about how I felt on day one compared to today. We had so many ideas, dreams, and plans. We learned quickly to adjust as needed, be flexible, and to not get caught up if it wasn't perfect every time. As we encouraged your children to embrace and learn from failure, I had to learn this as well. I'm a perfectionist. I had to learn to collaborate just as your children have this year. I have such a passion and joy for what we are doing here at PRS. I am so excited about next year and applying all we have learned and observed this year, streamlining, focusing on what worked and making it better, and having the opportunity to prepare these students for the world they will live in. Thank you for all of your support this year. I truly have been blessed by amazing learners and parents.

The next week we are working on our last set of standards! We are holding an in-class debate on the question, "Should games/contests that are based on chance be legal in our state?"

Check out our weekly agenda below for instructions, standards, etc.

We will be wrapping up remediation as well, so encourage your learner to take advantage of 7:30 and 2:00 time slots!

Also, check out our class website for newly published podcasts/scripts learners created about (GEO 8) conflict and cooperation among groups of people! They put together some amazing examples and provided great explanation and connection! So proud of them!

Ms. Crowe's Science Family

We are currently looking at the misconceptions of evolution and investigating the evidence that supports the theory of how populations change over time. Learners will be listening to the experts in the field, reviewing the evidence within our fossil records, and formulating their own opinion for a debate on the topic of evolution. We are currently investigating the mechanisms that drive evolution to occur. I encourage you as parents to engage your learners in discussion at home. Topics to consider are mutations, natural selection, and gene changes within the population. Just this past Monday, Animal Planet aired a special about Chernobyl and the effects of this radioactive disaster 30 years ago. Maybe this could be a discussion point at the dinner table.

Mr. VanEgmond's Math Family

The C7 Carnival was a huge success as we got to share our original games with most of the school community and enjoy a day of competition and entertainment. I was amazed with how our learners took ownership of perfecting and managing their games. Keeping track of our wins/losses allowed us to calculate/compare the experimental probabilities of our games to see which was most likely to make us a winner. Thank you, parents, for your support in providing materials and prizes for these games.

We are finishing things off with exploring the different ways to change the position/orientation/size of a shape (i.e. translate/shift, reflect/flip, rotate, and dilate). We are working with premade shapes as well as those we create on a coordinate plane. In addition, we will be applying these concepts to selfie pictures and a competition involving tangram pieces.

Being able to describe these sorts of manipulations can develop the greater ability to express how we want to something to look and gain an eye for the different ways things can be arranged from an artistic picture to storage bins in a closet.

I want to personally thank everyone who continues to keep in touch with us on this newsletter, supporting us in all the ways you have to help us grow as Patriots. This year has been an incredible team effort that wouldn't have been successful without you. I look forward to reflecting and preparing for the next school year in light of what we have learned. As always, if I can do anything moving forward in the context of math or otherwise, feel free to contact me. I hope you all have a blessed summer holiday!

(Don’t forget about the Everything You Need to Know List. It includes exercises we have done to master standards as listed in Freshgrade.)

Patriots Give Back!

Our community encourages a giving spirit, and what better way to wrap up our year than to have our learners give back to something they are passionate about or has influenced their life. Check out the options and guidance we have provided in the doc below, and talk to your learner about what they are developing!

If your family participates in any charity or volunteer work, please pass along pictures, information, etc. that might be helpful to our project!

SERVE Week: May 23-26th

A group of C7 learners want PRS to spend our last week focusing on how our school can give back to society. They have developed the idea of SERVE week to celebrate, educate, and hopefully inspire everyone to get involved. Please encourage your learner to participate!

Please document any activities this week by posting with #SERVE (Instagram/Twitter)

  • Monday, May 23rd-SEE A NEED

    • Wear Crazy glasses

    • Donate old glasses--Lions Recycle for Sight. Have box to donate out by chalkboard (will take donations all week!)

    • Also, check out the whiteboard by our school to help brainstorm needs you SEE in our community!

  • Tuesday, May 24th- ENGAGE

    • Wear your best sportswear

    • Team building activities-see THIS C7 learner created


      for ideas!

  • Wednesday, May 25th-REACH OUT

    • Dress as your favorite superhero and commit your day to random acts of kindness!


    • Wear the color of your favorite charity organization or awareness group

    • Encourage learners to write thank you notes and post around

      school (specific and anonymous).

    • Encourage learners to help in


      of year cleaning efforts!

Trip to the Humane Society

Patriot Games

IMG 0922
Dizzy Bat

C7 Carnival

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Trip to Children's Centre


Absence/Makeup Work Policy

Please consult the PRS absentee policy and ensure you send excuses with your learner within the required timeframe for absences or check outs. Please check with your learner to ensure they are requesting any missed material from their lead learners and if they feel they are behind, to arrange time to work with any of us one to one. We are glad to help!

Wish List

If any of our Patriot parents wish to donate to Community 7, please refer to the below desired items. Thank you for all you do for us!!

  • washable paint of various colors
  • project clay
  • colored pencils
  • Lysol/ Clorox wipes
  • construction paper
  • copy paper of various colors, including white
  • hot glue sticks (thick and thin)
  • hot glue guns

Upcoming Events


  • 5/26 Learners' Last Day of School
  • 5/27 Lead Learners' Last Day of School

Supporting Your Learner at Home

We love our Patriot parents and their support throughout this year. It takes a village for sure, and we love that our village is so passionate about their children and supporting them in their learning! How can you continue to do this at home?


The research on the benefits of reading daily is overwhelming! We know for sure that the following things happen when you read every day:

  • Reading reduces stress! You bookworms know this is true!
  • Reduces anxiety and fidgeting
  • Analytical thinking is improved
  • Vocabulary acquisition
  • Improved memory
  • Improving writing skills
  • Allows our brain to take a break from our busy lives and really reflect

We encourage you to get access to your child's accounts and discuss with them their learning and expectations. We find that time management is crucial for our learners, and we would love your support in teaching methods that work for your child. Accounts to check: FreshGrade/Edmodo/Gmail.

Discuss with your child what they are learning or working on. Have them show you or demonstrate. Apply it to something that is happening at home, or work together to revise or dive deeper! Practice skills at home and encourage them to bring their A game daily!

Make sure your learner charges their laptop nightly, and brings headphones daily!

We appreciate all you do and hope you will reach out if you would like any more information, resources, or just to get caught up on what's happening!