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Geography and topography

Catalonia is located in northeast Spain. It is also bound by the Pyrenees mountains and located to the southeast of the Mediterranean sea.


Catalonia used wine, almonds and olive oils for agriculture as well as pigs and cows. They also used rice, poatoes and corn as staples


Catalonia has a Meditteranean climate with hot, dry summers as well as relatively rainy winters.
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Food descriprion

Escudella I carn d’olla (boiled meats in a pot with pasta as an appetizer and the rest for an entree) is a popular dish in Catalonia as well as fish and smoked meats. Catalonia use meats like sausage and fish such as squid, crab, shrimp, fresh sardines and tuna, salmon, trout, and dried and salted codfish.


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