SC Clarion

Weekly Staying Connected, Edition 1, July 25

From Majors Ruwethin

"The clarion was an loud, shrill instrument that signaled time to go into battle. A clarion call is such a call, but coming from the core of one's spirit to move out of complacency, procrastination, doubt, fear, and limitations to MOVE and CONQUER for the kingdom!"

At least this the definition that was found on the internet. But, what a powerful call for us especially during this time of transition from COVID as well as officer moves to move forward with the Lord. We pray that we'll walk together through fear and move forward for the kingdom of God.

We believe it to be true. We are already encouraged by the support and love that we have experienced in this short time. We have been hosted with food delivery, taken out to meals, food made and brought over, phone calls, conversations after church, and the list goes on.

What's also encouraging is that there were people involved in ministry before we got here and people have already offered to help with snacks, leading Sunday school for youth, stats, driving, women's programming ... and WE THANK YOU AHEAD OF TIME!!

We ask for your patience as we continue in conversations with you and hear your heart for ministry. We will start connecting the dots to help support you in this new season - getting back to each other after such a hard season will take some work - so we'll take time to pray for God's direction with you.

We hope you'll find this newsletter a great tool to keep up and share with other's what's happening. God's way is best and we thank Him for crossing our paths at this time!


Vacation Bible School will be held later on this year due to the WMI and WYI events.

Celebration Day - Registration is full. However, we pray we'll be able to enjoy camp as a church sometime soon.

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MOVING DAY - Right after church service

Sunday, Aug. 1st, 12pm

3090 Homestead Road

Santa Clara, CA

We are so grateful for the beautiful space and set up in the gym for worship services. However, it's time to move back into the chapel and allow all the spaces of this property to be used. Please, we ask for help to break down the gym and help your church move.

WMI (Western Music Institute) Online

WMI Online

Online Western Music Institute applications now available!! THQ Music Dept. invites you to join them, VIA zoom, August 2-6, for WMI Online.

To Register Click Here:

(Zoom link will be sent to you when you register)

Date: August 2-6, 2021


9:00am - Log in / Worship – with Outside Worship

9:15am - Bible Study with Majors Billy and Annalise Francis

9:45am - Elective Classes

10:40am - Gather together again – Announcements/reminders/Dismissal

12:00pm - Sealed Orders posted

We have some great classes lined up for you:


We will begin each day by worshipping together, led by OUTSIDE WORSHIP (Phil Laeger, Marty Mikles, Anna Street) Then we will join together in Bible Study let by Majors Billy and Annalise Francis from the Ashland Ohio Kroc Center.

Santa Clara would like to host this event LIVE and end each day with lunch.

WYI (Western Youth Institute) Lite - Starting August 5

What to know:

  • Theme: WYI lite – 1 John 1: 5-9
  • Speakers – Colonel Kelly Igleheart, Lt. Colonel Lisa Smith, Captain Jennifer Masango, Captain Emmanuel Masango
  • Target age – WYI’s normal age range is 18-28. While that is the target age still, teenagers can easily hang with the curriculum. We encourage YPLs to participate.
  • Cost – There is no cost. All materials will be downloadable.
  • When - Thursdays, 6 pm at the church. Dinner included. Ages 13 - 28 are welcome.

Are you excited for potluck?! The church will be providing plates, utensils, hotdogs, buns, and the fixings, and drinks. We are asking for your help to provide the rest. Plan to bring sides, deserts, and sign up here.

Remind App

Please help us keep you informed by signing up for the Remind App. Simply follow the directions. The goal is to touch base with a newsletter once a week and avoid 25 responses to a group text. This is a secure way for us to do this. Text to: 81010, Send the message: @chkhc6.

Feel free to share the info. Thank you in advance.

General Schedule


  • 9:30 am Adult Connect Group
  • 10:30 am Worship service


  • 6:00 pm Sermon Review - Paused to regroup