My Resume

Stella McAllister (Unknown) *Don’t want to be identified*



I believe that I'm organized, because


-Quick Thinker



-I also have a passion for baking I joined many competitions when I went to summer school in England, London.

- I tend to bake a lot for charity

-I won a baking competition multiple times-

I would hope that in 10 years time I would be someone who works in the culinary business

-My dad would always cook a lot when I was younger

-Family life

I used to live somewhere in Britain, but then I moved to Hong Kong when I was 4 or 5 years old. My dad and I would constantly go fishing and my mom would teach me how to make cultural crafts however I would always nudge my parents into letting me go to cooking classes productions, however my parents wouldn’t let me most of the time but when they did I would tend to cook for hours

Why I think Happiness is important

I think Happiness in Job is extremely important because whatever is your values you consider that as something that makes you happy. Afterall this is a job that makes you happy so do what makes you happy since you will may be going there 7 days a week


-Camp Beamount

-Beacon Hill

-Island School

-Harrow Collage

-Siade School of fine art

Why I wanted to do this job

I wanted to become a chef because I love to bake and I love the culinary business and I would love to spread my culture with those who might want to try different cultures of food.

I also think that someone who is really good at collaborating with other people and including other people's ideas

I also think that I'm a hard worker and that despite what people throw at me, I can find a way around the problem.

Fav quote

Trust yourself, then you’ll know how to live- Johann WolfgangVon Gaethe

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