Mountain View Elementary School

Faith Brewer

Interning in 2nd grade classrooms

I intern at Mountain View Elementary School everyday day from about 1:30- 3:30. I alternate classrooms each day. I either go to Mrs. Brown's, Mrs. Vanderhide's. Mr. Johnson's, or Mrs. Minton's classroom. In each classroom, I do anything the teacher asks me to do. I do anything from grading papers to tutoring a student to taking kids to the library. Interning in these classrooms has got me prepared for my future career as a teacher. I now know what teachers go through each and everyday and I learned how to deal with students. Thanks to my internship, my social skills has gotten a lot better.

Strengths and Liabilities

What strengths and liabilities do you bring to this experience? How will you make the most of your strengths and minimize your liabilities?

The strengths and liabilities I bring to this experience is responsibility and intercity. I will make the most of my strengths by always being there when I know a teacher is counting on me.


What have been the most and least positive parts of your internship experience to date? Be specific.

The most positive part of my internship would be seeing how the students react as soon as I walk into a classroom. The very second I walk in all of the students run straight to me and give me a big hug. Teachers have told me that I've made a positive impact on some of the students and that means a lot to me. The least positive part of my internship would have be dealing with little arguments. At least once a week, a group of students (mostly girls) will run up to me and say something like "He's being mean to me" or "They said she isn't my friend anymore". Dealing with arguments is difficult because you never know who is telling the truth.

Explain how your experience at the internship will impact your high school and further education.

My experiences at my internship has impacted my high school education by taking it more serious. I have learned what the classroom looks like from a teachers point of view. Because of this, I will also show more respect towards my teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions by students

Can I have your sticker Ms. Faith?

Do you skip school to come here?

Are you in college?

Are you going to be a teacher one day?

Getting to work with these kids is an incredible experience! I love them all dearly.

Discuss how you apply what you have learned or are learning in school to your internship.

During my internship, I have used my knowledge I've learned in the past. For example, when a students needs help with their work I teach them the way I got taught in the 2nd grade. Usually, the students understand and tell me it is much easier.

Describe an activity or accomplishment in the internship that you are proud of. What did you learn from it?

An accomplishment that I am proud of is my social skills. Throughout this experience I've learned how to interact with kids and carry on conversations with adults. As a shy person, I was quiet around the teachers and students. As I got more comfortable around everyone, I started talking more, and being more of myself.

Describe a situation when you were really frustrated and explain how you dealt with it. What did you learn?

I got really frustrated when a student refused to listen to me because I wasn't a "real teacher." I think it is disrespectful when someone doesn't listen to an older person. As much as I wanted to yell at that kid, I didn't. I politely said "just because I'm not your actual teacher doesn't mean that you shouldn't show me any respect." I learned to not take what a kid says to heart. Kids around the age of 8 usually don't think before they speak. Therefore, they don't mean to hurt your feelings or make you frustrated.
What special personal qualities does one need to be successful in this organization? Do you have or can you attain these qualities? Can you see yourself working in this industry for several years? Why or why not?

In order to be successful in this organization, you need to be responsible, honest, and caring. Being responsible means to always get to your classroom on time. You need to keep in mind that there is a group of students waiting on you and wanting to be taught. Honesty and caring is a big qualities. Students want someone who is always honest with them and shows that they care. I can seeing myself working as a teacher for several years. This is because I teaching is something I have wanted to do since I was little. My internship has shown me that teaching will be a career that I'll love.

What different personalities have you encountered and how have you dealt with them?

I have encountered several personalities over the past 5 months. One of the personalities I have encountered is the "not caring" attitude. When I meet students with this attitude I talk to them and figure out what is going on and why they don't care. Another personality I have encountered is the "I'm too cool for school" attitude. This personality is most common in boys. The boys who have this attitude are the ones who constantly want to goof off and talk to one another. Typically, I deal with this attitude by threatened them. I threatened to take away their outside time if they don't straighten up. Luckily, this usually works. My favorite attitude I have encountered is the "sweet" attitude. These students are the ones who get along with others and gets there work done. The students with these attitudes are the ones who I love helping. They take in everything you tell them and apply it to their school work.

What is the most important thing you learned about working with others?

The most important thing I have learned about working with others is to always have a positive attitude. If you always have a positive attitude, others will treat you with respect.

How has your view of life beyond high school changed or developed during your internship?

My lie beyond high has only changed a little. At the beginning of my internship, I wanted to be a school teacher. I wanted to have my own classroom and teach one certain grade. As my internship progressed, I have decided that I want to be a P.E teacher, I chose this career path because I love sports and doing physical activity but I also love teaching.

Mountain View Elementary

Mountain View is by far the best elementary in the county. As a former student, it is a lot of fun and gives you some great opportunities. This school has some of the best teachers in the world and it is a privilege to get the opportunity to intern there.