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Networking Groups Invited To Break Guinness World Record

The Record To Beat Is 1068 For "Most People Attending A Business Speed Networking Event" Multiple Venues

The first speed-networking record was set in Toronto in May 2012. Since then, it’s been broken five times. The current record for most people attending a business speed networking event is 1,068, achieved by JCI Limburg (Belgium), in Flanders, Belgium, on 17 November 2014.

The previous record was set by Australian Institute of Management Queensland, Australia on 17th October 2013 with 475 participants, snatching the record from Hong Kong. There are a lot of businesses and organizations who are chasing the record.

Charity + Speed Networking + Guinness World Record Attempt = Ultimate Media Biz Event For Organizations

Form An Alliance With To Break The Guinness World Record For Speed Networking & Use The Local/National PR To Promote Your Fall Activities is inviting networking organizations to form an alliance to break the Guinness World Record “most people attending a business speed networking event" (multiple venues) on September 17 from 1 PM - 3 PM Eastern. Organizers in Knoxville, Ft. Lauderdale, Chicago, Long Island, San Jose, Erie, Melbourne, Tallahassee, & Medicine Hat AB have secured venues to host free speed networking events. They have partnered with local charities to gather back to school supplies and food from participants. A virtual afterparty will tie together all of the cities.

By simply spreading the word to your members and business associates, your organization will be included in the joint PR campaign, get listed on the event blog, have its news shared with all the participants and more. You can use the Guinness World Record attempt as a media opp to publicize your upcoming events, drives and more. Click here for more info about the attempt and venues. Email if you would like to form an alliance.

Perks Of Forming An Alliance

  • Your members can represent your organization and share your news while giving back to their community.
  • Your banner ad will be added to the event blog.
  • Your organization will be mentioned in the joint press releases sent out by all the organizers.
  • You can simply plug your organization into the Guinness World Record attempt and receive exposure without all the work of planning one.

Guinness World Record Attempt For Speed Networking

Thursday, Sep. 17th, 1-3pm

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