Juan Elias

Out of War

Short Biography

Family Life: Juan Elias is 18 years old and lives in Aguachica, Colombia. His father and cousin were shot by a gunman while at his office. This was one disaster that caused him to help create the Children's Movement for Peace. Juan had thought he was safe from war because Aguachica had stayed safe for many years, but he was very wrong.

Environment/Neighborhood: In Aguachica there was fighting on the streets every night. Juan had said that the evidence was the blood on the roads and the bullet riddled buildings.

Influencial Events: The murder of his father and cousin was the main reason he fought for peace, but there were others earlier in Juan's life. One of these events were when he saw the dead body of a man lying on the street not far from his house.

Threats: His mother was threatened three times by letter, the first saying pay $10,000, go to a certain tree and leave the money, and the last stating pay by June 12th or "face the consequences".

Fight for Peace Causes: Juan had seen the impact the war had on his environment. However, the main cause were murders in his family

Impressive Qualities: Juan impressed me when he was not afraid to fight for peace even after his father had been murdered after doing so.

Question: If I had to ask Juan one question it would be; "How was the news of your fathers death delivered to you?"

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Colombian Children

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