ISIS in America


Six Minneapolis men tried to travel to Syria to join ISIS, federal prosecutors said that this is the most clear peer-to-peer situation yet. FBI had the help of a person that was supposed to travel to Syria with the group of men. The main leader of the group Abdi Nur has been to Syria before and has many connections. This isn't the only case in Minnesota that has to do with ISIS. Charges were made against four of these men, the other two were being used as witnesses. 4/22/15


An Alabama woman marries an ISIS man and is sharing on twitter that there will be attacks in the US. She fled to Syria at 20 years old in November. Many women like this one are used to lure others in and share with them what ISIS could do for them. Many of her family believes she was brainwashed, she kept in contact with them until they offered to help her, then she went dark and proclaims to be happily married. 4/22/15

ISIS view

A terrorist group, Islamic State that believe their Messiah is coming soon and that they are completing an end times work that needs to be done. I think that the ISIS organization isn't truly trying to please any God or Messiah. They're creating chaos in the middle east and spreading it world wide, making a threat to many countries.