Marissa Gamache



I love Zebras, my animal is a Zebra. They are very protective and come off as rude or selfish. Zebras stay close to their kind, usually in groups. The Zebra is very aggresive and will strick when a preditor approaches.
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My color isd brown, yuckyy, I know! But this color means Im strong willed, dont need to many friends, bossy,mean, basically a terrible person.
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My Influence...

i really am not sure what my influence would be. I am a mean person, I boss people around and argue alot. Im working on socializing with others, becoming friends, and overal liking people. I am my own leader, I could show people that being independant isnt that bad at all.


Im string willed and decisive, not easliy discouraged, dont need alot of friends, and Im also great at breaking up arguments.


The test says a career for me would be, basketball, horse riding, a football ref, working in the legal system, and tenis playing.